I need some motivation to burn fat, eat healthier, and start lifting again?

Basically ever since I got to college last year it became three times as hard to eat decent and keep working out. I was always consumed with schoolwork and trying to balance a private life. Over the summer I got a job as a furniture mover and while that helped me keep some muscle it didn't help with burning fat.

Now the semester has started again and I cannot keep on track with lifting nor eating healthy. I've lost almost all motivation. Basically, I always start to get depressed slightly from the stress of school and how many things rarely go my way (for instance, entire summer goal was to buy a different car, I had the money but nothing worked out, so no car). So, instead of eating a high-protein, low-carb diet, I wind up eating out often and sometimes fast food rather than a sandwich or something from the school cafeteria. I also keep putting off working out. Granted, like two weeks ago I had a sinus infection the whole week so it would have been very difficult to lift, but I need to be lifting and working out at least 4 times a week and I’m lucky to get one or two in sometimes.

It’s not healthy and I now have a problematic muffin topic and my muscles have started to shrink a bit. I don’t know what to do to motivate myself. Usually the whole “curls for the girls” type of motivation would work in the past but seeing is that I’ve now kind of accepted I won’t be getting women’s attention for some years that whole idea doesn’t work. I know that living a healthy lifestyle is a habit and I have to create that habit, but it gets tough to keep it up because I’ll have one good day or a couple and drop off.

What can I do to motivate myself more? Any suggestions or ideas on how to help aid in weight loss and back to strength building? Thank you!
I need some motivation to burn fat, eat healthier, and start lifting again?
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