Why do ordinary medical doctors with private practice not know what they're doing? A visit to the Psychiatric Hospital Elucidates much?

So I check myself into the mental health hospital for the usual depression and anxiety, and I end up getting cured, most likely, of my physical illness, because they actually know what the heck they're doing.

First they observed me for 5 days off my usual Welbutrin medication, and found that I was actually being depressed more by the anti-depressant. In addition they monitor your blood glucose. Well, mine was never out. However, just because I do have neuropathy, and a fiercely bad case of it, they treated me on a special diet:

Eat More to Lose Weight...

They fed me the same thing everyone else ate, except replacing one starch with a cup of candied fruit. In a couple cases they actually prepared an extra serving of canned or candied fruit compared to everyone else.

I went in the hospital weighing 205lbs and came out weighting 185lbs. I was only in there for 15 days.

They put me on a different anti-depressant which works 10 times better, and I was having mostly normal conversations with everyone by the end of the 15 day period. This was a different Psychiatrist than the one I previously saw.

I am planning to change primary doctors immediately, and this Psychiatrist has arranged for me to visit one of his students for my permanent psychiatric care as well as to recommend a new Primary Care physician and Diagnostician.

They still don't have a "Name" for what I really have, but they are treating it as a different type of Diabetes from the normal Type 1 or Type 2. I was already aware of this, but the other medical doctor was too out-dated, and I disliked his opinions in many cases anyway.

I lost 20 pounds in 15 days by eating more, and I got a better anti-depressant and anti-anxiety combination, and treated my nerve pain symptoms better, all by visiting a mental health hospital.

I went of my own free will, willingly, and I was greatly rewarded by the best physical medical care I've ever received. Also got to help other people and be helped by them.

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My primary care doctor had me on a low carbs, low fruit diet, because he thought I was hyperglocemic, and I think that was making the nerve pain worse, and I may even have been developing Scurvy for goodness sake. I used to eat Bananas and Apples, but not enough citrus I guess, but he told me not to even eat that. However, I pretty much ate everything they put on my plate in the hospital.
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Anyway, if you've tried "Everything" and it doesn't work, then I recommend, based on what I just experienced, doubling your fruit intake for a a few weeks or a month:

mandarin orange

Whatever you normally would have, eat twice as much of it per meal, and try that.

Why do ordinary medical doctors with private practice not know what they're doing? A visit to the Psychiatric Hospital Elucidates much?
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