I got vaccinated 4 months ago but I’m starting to regret it?

I got vaccinated back in May when I was 39 and I recently turned 40. Im in excellent physical shape and have no preexistíng conditions. I got tested a grand total of 16 times for covid during the pandemic and i was negative every single time. Nobody in my immediate family got covid. Also I know I had been exposed to covid several times during lockdown but I always came out in the clear.

The real reason I got the vaccine is I planned to travel abroad and proof of vaccination was required at customs. I felt very borderline about the benefits vs risks of getting the vaccine. Im not 19 but definitely not 65 either. It was a real coin toss for me.

Anyway I was pro vaccine until the recent government mandates started rolling out. Also my own company required proof of vaccination despite the fact I work 100% remote. I had to take screenshots of the covid paperwork I have.

I think people need to be respected as free adults to make their own decisions to take it or not. If a 75 year old man decides not to vaccinate and he ends up getting COVID then it’s on him at this point. I also think it’s child abuse to force kids under 18 to get this. If was under 30 I probably would refuse it.

Anyway I’m not an anti vaxxer but I am becoming increasingly alarmed by how governments are forcing this.
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Well knock on wood that I won’t have any side effects to this. I’m not glowing green yet.

But I heard a theory by Joe Rogan that vaccines actually HELP THE VIRUS MUTATE. Now that’s from joe Rogan who is no doctor and nutty at times. But he has a way of offering unique perspectives that no one else thought about. That’s why he’s famous and his podcast is popular.
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Some people took my comment about Joe Rogan and ran with it. I said I was open to hearing him out but sure as hell didn’t think his insight was the voice of God.

Here is a Forbes article with a doctor refuting what rogan said. Forbes is mostly centrist so I trust them a lot more vs. a CNN or FOX article.

I got vaccinated 4 months ago but I’m starting to regret it?
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