Is it embarrassing or flattering to see a guy train?

To elaborate...two days ago I noticed a new girl at the gym I recently started going to. I'm actually going there for the kickboxing class as a new activity after breaking up -you know, to find myself again!- but I also do weights as a complimentary workout. I really love martial arts and I love it with a passion. I might not be making sense, so I'll jump right to the topic.

The girl I'm talking about is very, very attractive. She is sweet, pretty, and has a nice body; she might be a little older than me though (I'm 20, she can't be over 23). We exchanged a couple of looks the first time she came, and the next day I happened to see her in the bus, but I was to shy to talk to her. In that occasion, I was meeting a female friend who was waiting at the bus stop. When I told my friend that a girl I like was in the bus, she said that she was looking at me while I was getting off the bus, and that got my hopes up a bit. So anyway, today I was training with the class. The instructor thinks I'm good, so he asked me to hit the bag for the first time as intense as I could. While I was going at it with all my strength and dedication, the girl came down to the training area, talking to one of the gym staff about some exercises, and she stood only feet further from me, watching. Of course, that got me more motivated and my heart was pumping, so I gave the bag a good lesson.

But I'm a bit insecure about what faces I could be making, or if I was moving awkwardly in front of her while training. So, girls (and guys if you have something to add!) do you think that could have been a turn on to see me go all Rocky at the bag, or did I achieve a Jim Carrey status with my moves?
Is it embarrassing or flattering to see a guy train?
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