Did he like me....way back when?

Four years ago I graduated from high school...there was a young man - who was my age & in my homeroom. He was a jock - played football and golf. He was in my English (Language Arts) class Junior year. He, along with 2 other buddies, would tease me. I can't remember what we talked about...stupid random stuff. I'd grin like a immature kid and go "oh shut up" & B'd reply: "Sara, that's all you say!" but he'd be grinning too.

We'd goof around like that almost every class period.

Summer, I took a Math class. One day I was getting out of my car to head to class, & all of a sudden I hear "Hey Sara!" I looked around, unsure of where the voice came from. He yelled again & then I saw him & grinning, replied: "Hey B! What's up?!" He was training for football, so we couldn't talk long.

Senior year...he wrecks his knee in football. I shot him a Facebook message telling him to get well soon and stuff. He replied with "Thanks Sara. It means a lot." My gfs and I were at Culvers before going to see a movie one day & B & a couple buds came in as we were all cleaning up. I stayed back, hoping one or two would come over and say hi - since I fancied one of the other guys besides B. Couple minutes later, B came over and slid into the booth. "Hey Sara." he goes. I was shocked and flattered. "Hey B," I reply. "What're you doing?" he asks "The girls and I are going to see Twilight Haha!" Then one of my gfs comes up and he looks up at her kinda embarrassed. "Cool Sara. Have fun...I'll see ya." "Bye B. Take it easy bud."

Spring of Senior year: He gets a girlfriend - who is similar to me, but cuter, a year younger and part of the "popular" crowd. I was...AM...a nerd, so...eh well. During our Senior party, I was in a tent talking with one of my girlfriends. I hear him call out: "Hey Sara. Wanna come play catch?" I chickened out & didn't go & I regret it...SO bad. Even though he had...still has...his girlfriend...

Do you think he liked me, but was too afraid to "lower his standards"?
Did he like me....way back when?
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