Why do I get sick all the time? Anyone in med school? Or even a doctor?

I'm 20 years old, pretty active (zumba and pilates several times a week), I have a relatively healthy diet. It could do better in some places I guess (a little too much caffeine, 2 coffees a day and tea, I have too much sugar sometimes, like nutella at breakfast sometimes, sometimes I skip lunch and snack on cookies and coffee instead, and normally I have a small dessert after dinner, like I share a rice pudding or I have some chocolate) , but I eat loads of veggies, fruit, fish once a week, meat once or twice a week, cheese, pasta, veg. stews, rice. I'm 5"7 and around 120 pounds, so a healthy weight. I'm hygienic when it comes to hand washing and tooth brushing lol... But in the last 6 months, I've had a bad cold, flu TWICE, a UTI infection, and some form of food poisoning. I get ill like every one or 2 months, and it can take me over a week sometimes to get over it. I don't know why it could be. I've recently moved countries, so maybe it could be my body getting used to a new environment/new air... I've looked into other reasons, it could be my keyboard which apparently is most likely dirtier then a toilet seat (I suggest you clean yours, I just did). I could have an immune deficiency disease... I recently had a blood test done as I was getting married, and I felt absolutely fine when I got it done, but the results showed I had a high white blood cell count, which they told me could be a sign I was fighting an infection. I haven't been able to go to a doctor about it yet, as my husband is at work all day and I don't speak the language very well here at all. but I hope to go eventually... but if anyone can give me some advice beforehand would be much appreciated! and if anyone knows of a site where I can ask a doctor online free that would also help!
Why do I get sick all the time? Anyone in med school? Or even a doctor?
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