Cold sore or pimple?

Okay so there's something brewing right below my lip. It's not on the lip, there's a small gap. Also, my acne has been such a pimple will grow somewhere in the mouth/nose/chin area and after it goes away another grows immediately. This current one is growing in the same exact spot as the last one.

I'm anonymous because I'm embarrassed.


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  • Does it look like your other pimples? Sounds like not much to worry about to me.

    • Yes, it did last time. I just really don't want the herp. :(

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    • I guess it's the fact that herpes is permanent. I worry more than most about catching diseases. But I get what you're saying.

    • Yup, tons of people have oral herpes, so it's not like it's a rarity.

  • If you usually get pimples in that area, then it's probably a pimple - you can probably tell if its 'pop-able.' If you have gotten cold sores before, then there's also that chance, but I'm guessing you haven't since you don't know what it is. Try going to the DOCTOR's if it gets worst, or happens more often.

    • Yeah, it's poppable. I might eliminate the problem tomorrow.

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