Is it OK to tell your girlfriend to lose weight?

My friend is upset at her boyfriend because he told her she needs to lose some weight.

She has gained some weight in the past year (about 20-30 pounds) and is now definitely overweight. This is not the first time someone has brought up her weight and tried to help her. When she first started complaining about it months ago, I started inviting her for walks or to the gym with me and started ordering healthy things only when we went out to eat together. She never really wanted to exercise with me and it seemed like she just wanted to complain about her weight without doing anything to change it so I gave up. Her boyfriend had not really mentioned it directly before but he has said things like suggesting she get a gym membership or that she doesn't need anymore cookies (both of these are true). He is a pretty fit guy himself and it's understandable that he would want a girlfriend that is the same. every time he mentioned it, my friend would get pissed and tell him to stop talking about it and then complain to me about it.

Yesterday he sat her down and straight up told her that she was entering an unnattractive weight range and that he would be turned off if she continued to get bigger because he thought their lifestyles would be too different. He offered to get her a gym membership and train her and show her how to eat (he already keeps sweets out of the house unless my friend buys them). My friend flipped out and started screaming and yelling at him. I understand because I'm sure she was really embarassed and ashamed. She came over to my house and started complaining again and said boyfriends have no right to critisize their gf's weight and men should have no say. If they are in a relationship he should just love her no matter how big or small she gets.

Now, that is what I disagree with. If I got in a relationship with a fit guy who proceeded to gain 50 pounds I would be turned off and say something for sure. The only exception to me is a medical issue or pregnancy (only temporary. Women who had a baby 5 years ago and still weigh 200 pounds cannot use that as an excuse). If my SO gained a lot of weight I would say something as kindly as possible and try to help them lose weight. If they refused or didn't lose wieght, I probably would leave them.

What is your take on this? Should men really not have any say in their gf/wife's weight? Guys, have you ever commented on your SO's weight? How did it go over?

Has anyone ever dumped someone over their weight?
Is it OK to tell your girlfriend to lose weight?
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