Would you feel bad if you spend New Years Eve alone?

When I mean alone I mean no go out to eat a restaurant or going to a friends or relatives parties and just stay home and went to bed early period. I know most of the people in the planet earth wil be attending parties either at home with friends or families or go out and celebrating out also at parties as well it is New Year and each New Year you have to celebrate it, you dont know if the next year you be alive to celebrate it again.

This year one more time my New Years is no different than past years. I had been spending my whole life New Years not with friends and jsut like 3 times I had spent it with family in all my almost 50 years. For this year my older sister and her husband will be traveling to Colombia, my brother will be spending the night with his male buddies, My 2 cousins from my closest aunt will be celebrating on their own one in Panama with his friends (my male cousin children will be celebrating apart too one with the mother and the other one with his girlfriend at the beach) and the other one working, theri parents will be just the two of them at hom as my aunt is in a wheel chair. I have other aunts who will be celebrating together but they live 8 hrs from home. I have anotehr female cousin who will be in Nicaragua visiting with her hubbie and daughter her in laws. So it is only me and my mom who so far no plans of anything as there won't be any family left to celebrate with and Im not going to leave my mom alone as she is a senior citizen, my dad died 8 years ago.

For me it is almost like a tradition for more than 40 years to celebrate it like that wth no friends or relatives, only like 3 times in my life I had spent it away from home and with other people.

Sometimes I feel a bit bad that other people can enjoy the celebration and have fun while Im at home and go to bed early, cause my mom likes to go bed early anyway. And people I know when I tell them I celebrate it alone, they even get surprised and said "How come? You did not celebrate it?

Would you feel bad if you spend New Years Eve alone?
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