Out of Ten What Would You Rate Me?


How to insult and degrade yourself massively.

Ask the internet to rate you out of ten.

Seriously. For everyone who thinks they're trying to lift themselves up in terms of confidence, you're only throwing yourself in a pit.

That and annoying the piss out of everyone.

Out of Ten What Would You Rate Me?

I mean come on. If you're comfortable with throwing your photo up on the internet that is full of judgmental arseholes with you looking 'oh so ugly' you can't be that insecure. If you aren't that insecure, then you probably don't think you look as bad as you claim you do, and if that's so, then you are just looking for attention. The world over knows how much people hate attention seekers. Especially other attention seekers because you're stealing their spot light.

I've asked people over the net if they thought I was pretty, my self-confidence was shot, I hated life, nobody ever seemed to give a shit about me and I thought the creepy thirty what year olds messaging fourteen year old me was okay and would help me. No. It didn't. I was looking for attention, I know that now, and that experience hurt me a hell of a lot more than it ever helped me.

I know this sounds like a contradiction. I claim to have put the photos up because I was self-conscious but say nobody else does because they're the same. Well, I was self-conscious. I wasn't at all confident in my looks, and thanks to way less comments on me being 'ugly' than most girls recieved, I thought I was (ugly that is). But I wasn't insecure enough to stop me sending photos of myself to these creeps.

When it comes down to it, I wasn't after the compliments they fed me just to keep me sending photos, I was after the attention. In my opinion, for a lot of the girls (and guys) posting these 'rate me' questions on here, that's what you guys are after as well. The attention, whether it's negative or positive.

But, it's not good for you. It's really not. Receiving positive comments constantly by looking for them is only going to de-value true compliments when you receive them legitly from people who actually give a damn and you will be worse off in the long run. Receive enough negativity on something about yourself, and you're likely to start thinking there's a reason they hate that part about you so much, and you will eventually start hating it too. Again, you will be much worse off in the long run.

Asking the internets opinion about something to do with your personality or your looks is sure to backfire in the long run.

Ask simple things if you must. If you think something's wrong with your body, like a lump that probably shouldn't be there, sure. You can ask about that. But don't ask if there's something wrong with you just because you're naturally over/under the average body weight for guys/girls your age. Don't ask if we think you're ugly. Don't ask if we think you're handsome/pretty. Don't ask if your boobs are too small or too big, don't ask us if you're dick is too small or too big.

Don't send us pictures of yourself and ask us if we think you're a good person.

Because right now you aren't. But one day, you will look back and remember how you used to ask strangers to rate you out of ten and you will shake your head at yourself.

That day you will be a good person.

Because you will be good to yourself.

Out of Ten What Would You Rate Me?
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