#BodyPositive is a great thing


#BodyPositive is a great thing.

There's all this "Oh a real man has ____" or "a real woman does(or doesnt) have ____" and I hate it.

There is no "real" man or woman. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY. You could weigh 90 pounds or 200 pounds. As long as your body is healthy and won't be fatal in the future, then it is great. I hate hearing about people saying how they're gonna lose weight to make whatever look better on them. Like no, the same exact clothing would look just as good. Body size doesn't matter at all, as long as they're healthy. It's all in the personality that truly makes someone beautiful and unique.

Pictured above, it proves no matter the shape, size of color of a body, they are all beautiful. So everyone should love themselves for who they are.

#BodyPositive is a great thing
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