#BodyPositive is a great thing.

There's all this "Oh a real man has ____" or "a real woman does(or doesnt) have ____" and I hate it.

There is no "real" man or woman. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY. You could weigh 90 pounds or 200 pounds. As long as your body is healthy and won't be fatal in the future, then it is great. I hate hearing about people saying how they're gonna lose weight to make whatever look better on them. Like no, the same exact clothing would look just as good. Body size doesn't matter at all, as long as they're healthy. It's all in the personality that truly makes someone beautiful and unique.

Pictured above, it proves no matter the shape, size of color of a body, they are all beautiful. So everyone should love themselves for who they are.

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  • I agree totally as long as they are healthy that is the main thing. Quite when looks surpassed personality as the main indicator of a person's qualities, I am not quite sure but it is being pushed relentlessly by today's marketing economy. There is obviously more money in diets/clothes/makeup/fashion than in self help material.


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  • Thank you, Captain Obvious!
    Why does GAG promote the same crap over and over again.


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  • Yeah, You could be 90 pounds or 200 pounds.

    But chances are, If you are too skinny, or slightly overweight+, Then people will see you as gross. That will never change mate.

  • I think people need realize their body isn't perfect or beautiful, and that's okay. You don't need a 10/10 body for a guy/girl to date you. The Body Positivity Movement is too fake in my opinion. We should focus more on whether you're healthy or not. If someone is unhappy with their body, then they should try getting to a body type they're happy with. Otherwise it's going to take YEARS before they come to terms with it.


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