Skinny Shaming Is Real


** I don't intend to offend anyone in any way **

Skinny Shaming Is Real

I know fat shaming is a thing. Something important that is relevant to society now. But I think the fact that we're focusing on supporting those girls that are a little bit bigger, has caused us to turn our attention the other way.

How Is It Real?

Have you ever heard anyone say any of the following to a skinny person (or something like this):

- Go eat something.

- Are you anorexic?

- Are you bulemic?

- Are you sick?

- Do you have an eating disorder?

- Do you think that being skinny makes you prettier?

- You're so fake.

- You're too skinny.

- Real women have curves.

- Bones are for dogs.

- What's wrong with you?

- Do you starve yourself?

- You look like a skeleton

- Go gain some weight.

- You're not attractive.

If you have, that is proof that skinny shaming is a real thing.

Pop Culture

Skinny Shaming Is Real

The picture above is from Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass music video, a video encouraging girls with a little more meat to accept themselves. Trainor is a positive role model for lots of young girls.

However, as she tries to encourage those women, she shames those who are skinny. She says: "Boys like a little more booty to hold the night." In my eyes, she's saying men don't like skinny women, which implies that in order for a man to love you, you can't be skinny. And I think it's things like this, skinny shaming in pop culture, that makes it seem okay to other people to skinny shame. Another example in pop culture would be Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. The whole song is one big f*ck you to skinny people, but the one line that stood out to me, and really surprised me was: "F*ck those skinny b*tches in the club." You absolutely can not deny the fact that she dislikes/ disapproves of skinny girls.

Social Media:

Skinny Shaming Is Real

Skinny shaming online is pretty self explanatory. The acceptance of skinny shaming spread through social media. More people see it and more people think it's okay.

Just Remember:

There is beauty in everything, just not everyone sees it.

Skinny Shaming Is Real
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