To The Petite, Flat-Chested Women: Yes, You're Sexy!

To The Petite, Flat-Chested Women: Yes, You're Sexy!

It's disheartening to see all these posts about petite women insecure with their bodies. Bigger women also have the same insecurities, and by these super strict modern standards, you just can't win. I think, truth be told, there's so many guys out there who will love your body, bigger or smaller. You can't let a small percentage of haters or people who don't like it get in the way of the many many guys who would love your body.

I'm a male in his mid 20's. I'm a bit of a chubby chaser. I love bigger women with curves. But just because a lot of guys talk about curves a lot, doesn't mean that petite women are any less sexy. My last girlfriend was half my size and was a B cup at best, and I still found her incredibly sexy. I don't care about your height, size, or weight. Just put all your energy and passion into kissing, cuddling, making love and in other aspects of the relationships. Make great use of the body you do have.

To all the skinny, petite, flat-chested women out there: yes, you are sexy!

Women tend to over-estimate the importance of their breast size. Yes, big boobs are nice to have, but it's not really an issue at all for many guys if a girl is on the smaller side. In fact, I'd say there's benefits to having small boobs.

When a guy hugs a girl with big boobs, the boobs sort of act as a buffer zone between the two bodies. But when a flat-chested girl hugs a guy, her body feels much tighter, denser, harder, and she can get much closer to the guy, chest to chest and just squeeze him with her embrace. And that feels amazing too!

There's lots of things that petite girls can do that bigger women (or even bigger guys like myself can't). I've had petite women crawl under and through my leg, dive straight on my body and start kissing me, out of nowhere, slithering like a snake, and swinging around my limbs like a energetic orangutan. Sometimes guys like to feel big and they like to spoon with someone smaller than them. My last girlfriend was half my size and she was totally amazing.

We all have different bodies, and they all come with different advantages. Never say your body can't be sexy. It definitely can be with some passion and the right attitude!

To The Petite, Flat-Chested Women: Yes, You're Sexy!
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