Top reasons why you should not marry a Businessman

Many women have this uncontrollable desire to marry a businessman. There isn't too many reasons behind this because we all know what a businessman capable of.

Top reasons to marry a businessman:

1. They have a LOTS of money

2. They have social status

3. They can fulfill a woman's all needs because they have money

Let's get this straight girls, this is totally fantasy. Reason number 1 & 2 are true & indeed they are facts but reason number 3 is just an illusion. Of course money can bring in all materialistic pleasures but think again, can money bring you happiness? Will you get the comfort, affection & care you should get from your husband if he is a businessman? Definitely NO!

Many girls marry businessmen without giving it a second thought. Because all they can see is money. They soon realize that their fantasy world doesn't exist.

Here are the top reasons why you should not marry a businessman:

1. Businessmen ignore sexual life

Businessmen always think about their business & how to improve it day by day. Their mind is always deeply immersed in thoughts of money, bank balance etc. They don't pay much attention to their sexual life. Sex, for them is just like marital duty, not some excitement or enjoyment. They do it for the sake of doing it. And after a child birth, they just forget about it. Think about a woman who is horny & can't get her husband out of sleep because he is all tired working so hard.

2. They lack romance

Where these businessmen lack the interest for sexual life, they lack the average amount of love, affection & care for their wives. They have NO TIME for these drama! Their daily routine is filled with meetings, tours & they barely spend any evening with their wives to make them feel special. Of course they take their wives out occasionally but that is just a marital duty with no emotion attached.

3. They have limited social contacts

Just because they are rich, they naturally limit their social circle & mix with limited entities. They don't have much friends to whom you can talk to freely or have fun moments. And there is a secret competition that always goes on among these rich people, who can have more luxurious cars, who wears more jewlleries, whose shoes are imported from Switzerland etc. Jealousy is the only thing they have to play with while meeting with their friends.

4. They own you at their will

If you're married to a businessman, never ever think that you own him & can seek help from Courts or Laws in case he ignores you socially or cheats you. Also never ever threaten a businessman to get a divorce because they don't have to be worried about the little amount of alimony. Usually they don't cheat on their wife because it stains on their social status and also they don't have much time to play these games. But when they do, they do it frankly & they offer you the option to divorce. They can ditch you at any moment.

5. They are never good fathers

Even after they have a child, they barely show any affection or pay any attention. It's just the same before & after. They are all day busy with phone calls, meetings & tours. They surely can provide foreign imported dolls & toys for their children but are never there to give a hug or kiss to the child. Their wives play the role of both father & mother. When the kid grows up, they send him to some foreign university to show the status. But never realize the isolation their child suffers from.

6. Loneliness is what you get in exchange of shitload of money & bank balance

There is no doubt that you have huge amount of bank balance & property because you married to a businessman, hell sometimes the wives of businessmen own more properties that them! But do you realize what you get in exchange for this amount of money? Loneliness. Your husband is never there for you, you barely spend an evening with your husband romantically, he is never there when your child wants his father, you throw your children into a play school & then a boarding school & finally send him abroad because you can't play the role of his father all your life & even if you try to keep him with you, you can't because his father wants him sent abroad to show status. You have social limits because of your richness & you always live only with your yourself.

Think again! Is this a good life? Is it worth to marry a businessman? Never! Girls, you may all give it a second thought before marrying a businessman because your life needs more things than money & social status.


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  • As far as divorce and a will go, "Nevada Asset Protection Trust," plus a pre-nupt, plus full financial disclosure.

    "Oh, what's that? You want equitable distribution? Sure, take half of what I own. Oh, what's that? Yeah, 'technically,' 'I' don't really own anything. So, half of zero is. . . hold on. . . let me pull out my calculator. . . ah yes. . . exactly zero. . . would you like that in cash or check?"

    Everything is owned via a Nevada spendthrift asset protection trust. It's divorce-proof.

    It's almost like the story of the Trojan horse. The girl thinks, "Haha, that idiot, I actually got him to marry me. Now I own him!" Meanwhile, the guy is thinking, "What a dumb stupid b*tch, now I fcuking own her @ss. She's a prisoner that's always free to leave, but with nowhere better to go. She either has to tolerate life next to me, or give up this lifestyle to go be somewhere else."

    That's what real power and control looks like.


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  • Could be true for some but not all.

  • It all depends on what the girl wants out of life...
    But I concur with most of these.

  • @AidenBlue This take...

    • Way too many generalizations here that are not true in general. Can any man in any profession have these faults? Yes.

      Are all men in business cold unfeeling robots? No.

      At the end of the day every person is an individual. Date and seek out the individual. Not the profession.

      Worst example of this? Women who chase athletes for money and fame. Most end in flames because many athletes have a poor moral compass from women throwing themselves at them daily.

      Not all businessmen are dbags like Trump. If you look at the number of businessmen in general it's much of the male population.

      If you want to ignore the more educated and driven part of the population then by all means.

      This is such a democratic written article it's actually comical.

      I'll buy my sex drive up against anyone's by the way. And it's never robotic. :-p

    • Haha! Nice response. @AidenBlue

  • they are way more likely to cheat, those wallstreet guys and all their prostititues

  • "because your life needs more things than money & social status."

    Most of the women who specifically go after those types of men, know what they're getting into and that's the life they want.

    I will never understand it, I would rather just take care of myself and avoid social interactions on my free time and be with someone who feels the same.

    Other than that I think the same could be said for people who aren't business men as well lol

  • What about businesswomen?

    • 99% of guys don't care how much money a woman has, so it's a moot argument.

    • So dating a businesswomen is an absolute nono?

    • you got it backwards @Anon.

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  • You're negatives are stupid generalizations that don't fit with even the majority I'd wager.

  • Lots of stereotypes here, bro! :-P

  • Ridiculous generalizations. "Businessman" itself is a broad term and doesn't necessarily connotate wealth (that would be "successful businessman") or any particular field of business. There are diverse individuals in the category, some of whom put their family above their career.

  • I thought businessmen had high sex drives...

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    • So you are saying that Donald Trump is not successful? Compared to who? Here's a quote from one of his books... "... I love sex..."... how do you know what Bill Gates sex life is like?

      And maybe it has to do with the fact that he's a computer nerd and not a super real estate stud.

      The fact that you are calling Donald Trump not successful makes me wonder the validity of your entire opinion.

    • Lol. Funny stream here. Let's assume all businessmen are 60+ when everyone's sex life drops off. Newsflash there are 20 year old businessmen to. I just hired 15 of them and they are horny little bastsrds. :-)

  • This is maybe just about an CEO...