Open letter to "why would men get married anyway?"

Open letter to

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A young guy just posted a short question, well statement about marrage.

This is what I want to say to all the guys who feel this way:

Dear guys,

Yes marrage is a sham, an unbenificial contract, the worst form of business contract you could ever imagine. Why? Because it is unnatural.

Marrage was a firm of contract to unionise monarchies and wealthy families to prevent wars or fights breaking out. It was never for the poorer classes. However with democratic societies rising the union if marrage was granted for all.

I do agree with you modern day marrage is a complete joke because if you enter into a contract and then the marrage fell apart,you as the male are at fault regardless and lose your assets and become poor.

But could I say your bitterness upsets me. I know you are trying to get your head around it but yes women are not worth it. Move on, I have.

I have respect for you because at this age you can go travelling, make money,experience life without being hindered. Pussy is cheap, but life is not.

No such thing as "love"


Ladies if you are reading the reverse the sexes


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  • hmm I entered here hoping for a more positive note

    Got disappointed, clearly

    I'd tell you to read knight1986's MyTake

    you might change your mind

    • by the way marriage is not for all

      but some people can be really happy marrying the love of their lives

      just don't generalize

  • Another topic about how men is invisble and the victim to everything. Booo hooo.

    I do not even get angry anymore. It is just incredibly boring to listen to.

    • It's not down to victimisation anymore. It's basically telling guys to have a good time ( an girls too)

    • Ah well that is ok. It is just so very very very many supposedly straight guys here and on other sites with fucked up mindset..

      Some people on here even says no girls actually want equality and what they really want is to take over this earth... lol

  • I totally agree with you. If you feel this way about marriage you shouldn't get married. Marriage is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that... goodluck!


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