Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍


Pay attention ladies! Trigger Warning!!!!

1. Attraction

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

You should be sexually attracted to the woman you will marry, if not you will lose interest in her fast. Do you really want to live with the woman you marry as brother& sister rather than man & wife.

2. How she dresses

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

A woman who puts little effort into how she dresses or a woman who dresses immodestly is a major red flag as she has no self-respect, how can you respect her if doesn't respect herself or lacks pride. This reflects badly on you and your relationship. Women can't always look like goddesses but If a woman puts little or no effort into her appearance into her appearance at the start of a relationship imagine her in a few years with babies around ankles and no sleep. A woman who dresses like a skank is in constant need of validation and the attention of other men, other men will see it as an open door to hit on her and because she needs validation & male attention she will likely cheat especially when she's feeling low or the relationship is going through some choppy seas as all relationships do. A woman who dresses badly in my opinion is good only for a Pump'n Dump rather than to be viewed as marriage material.

3. Cooking

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

Cooking is a basic life skill we should all be able to do but a Wife (pay attention ladies) that can cook & cook well is a real blessing to a marriage. I mean eating out once in a while is fine as is ordering takeout but that gets old and we long for a good home cooked meal. Remember this is the woman that will one day God willing feed your kids and well poptarts for breakfast & tv dinners doesn't cut it in my book for my kids. Many friend's wives I've noticed can cook better meals that any Michelin star restaurants.

4. Her exes & how many lovers

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

It's rare in 2019 to find a potential wife with a field unspoilt by another man's plough but they do exist. You should pay attention to how many exes & lovers she had. She may lie to you but it's not too hard to find out the truth as these things are public knowledge & if she is the neighbourhoods bicycle you will be informed, usually by another woman who is or was her friend.

As for her previous relationships women tend to blame their exes but often they are to blame. Relationships don't always work out so find out why she & her exes broke up, was she abusive, was she lazy, did she act crazy. If she cheated walked away.

5. Weight

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

Admittedly some women still look good with a little extra junk in the trunk but remember as we get older most of us find it easier to put on weight and have trouble losing as our metabolism slows down. No matter what the fat acceptance movement tells you near by at any size is baloney. If you marry a fat, overweight or obese woman in the coming years it will be like you chained a concrete block to your ankle & willing jumped into the river, the health problems she will incure in the coming years will be a heavy burden to you. Even simple things like car maintenance, air travel, train travel, bus travel, cinema tickets will be more expensive.

6. Mental Health

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

I know this will be a very unpopular view but poor mental health should be a major flag for any guy looking to marry. Huffington Post says that 1 in 4 women in America are on anti-depressants, to me that's scary numbers. Like how many are taking pills they shouldn't and how many needs. Im not trying to offend anyone with mental health issues but life is hard enough without making it harder by marrying a woman that needs a lot of support and that can be violent, unpredictable or emotionally fragile especially if you guys intend to have kids. Note: I watched my brother struggle with a bipolar woman with alcohol issues, he driven insane by her cheating, abuse and manic episodes. I once dated a woman with emotional issues, she stalked me for a year, a real bunny boiler.

7. Honesty

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

To me honesty is an important quality in the people around me especially in a future wife. Any guy looking to marry should value honesty in a Wife, even brutal honesty. He should watch for the lies she may tell about herself or her past. All lies get found out eventually.

8. Dowry

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

This is what the Father of the Bride gives his new son in law for marrying his daughter and to show everyone that he has blessed the marriage & approvingly given his daughter away to her new protector & provider. This could be in the form of a cash sum, gold/silver, a house, a honeymoon, paying for the wedding, a new car, a business, a farm, land, goats, camels, cattle etc. Traditionally a dowry is given by the Father to help the new couple start their life together.

The new more modern up to date dowry for 21st century could be considered what monetary assets bride herself brings to the relationship such as money, property, savings, earnings, an inheritance etc. More & more men in the modern era are less willing to accept a marriage where the bride brings nothing to the table especially as many women may have large debts student loan debts & credit card debts. Taking on anothers debt is not a great way to start a marriage.

9. Loyalty

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

Loyalty is probably the most important quality in a Wife. There's never a reason to cheat. If you ever doubt your future wife will be loyal don't marry her. The divorce rate is 50/50 so you can't afford to bet otherwise you will be likely end up ten years from now in a world of shit as your ex-wife takes half your property, savings, takes your home that you still are paying a mortgage on, years of alimony and years of child support all the while she's banging some guy in your martial bed.

10. Love

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

You need to be damme sure she loves you and that you love her if you want things to go the distance. This mutual bond will be what your marraige is built on. When you love each other you will both do anything, climb any mountain, bear any pain, make any sacrafice all for one another. When the person you love hurts you hurt, when thry are happy you are happy.

11. Motherly

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

I know a lot of women will hate me for saying this but I want a Wife who's going to stay home with the kids until the youngest one attends elementary school. Obviously for many that's not an option but I say if you can do it. Of course I don't want to be a stay at home Dad that's why I recommend marrying a woman who does want to stay at home with the kids. In my humble opinion too many kids today are being abandoned to be raised at the mercy of strangers. That's day care workers, nannies, babysitters and school teachers.

12. Reasonably academic

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

I'm not talking about about a degree in gender studies or feminist dance theory but someone with a fundamental grasp on the 3 Rs. With public schools often failing kids your partner & you will have to take the bull by the horns and educate your children, you may even have to homeschool them as overcrowded under funded schools these days are a cross between day care & the penitentiary. At least the only school shooting If you homeschool will be when you teach them to hunt.

13. Financial responsibility

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍
Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

Let's be honest you need a partner that can handle her money. You don't want to marry a woman with huge students loans, huge credit card debt, no savings and huge intrest payments due on bank loans. Imagine life with a Wife who is finacially responsible, imagine repo men taking away your car or even your home. Imagine she has a new wardrobe but there is now food in the fridge for your kids.

While dating observe what she spends her money on, if she's at college is she taking out a bigger student loan to buy clothed and party. Does she have no money for rent or gas but more Jimmy Choos than a shoe shop?

14. Lifestyle

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

How your potential wife lives her life is important. Does She keep herself fit, eat right (most of the time), exercising and basically take care of herself or does she drink too much, smoke too much, spend too much time in the sun, eat too much fast food, do drugs and lay around all day watching tv. That's all fine if your fooling around but if you want to build a life around her then this poor lifestyle will drag you both down potentially being married to an alcoholic, drug addict, chronic smoker, prematurely aged melanoma sufferer or obese woman. Women who like to dance are usually in good shape.

15. Age

When considering marrying a woman it's important to consider her age if you want to have children, especially if you want more than one. Frankly it's just easier for younger women to have kids than mature mothers. We all know women who held off having kids until after 30 and found they missed their window. We all know that desperate 30+ woman that's past her prime attractive years and has now trouble finding a husband now that she's hit the wall. I advise guys to marry younger than themselves preferably a woman 18-30.

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍


Well thats all just my view, others may have differing views.

There's a big difference between the woman you marry & the chicks you Pump'n Dump.

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍
Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍
Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍
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Most Helpful Guys

  • MackToday
    All true when you think about these THOTs that you see running around , really think about how they live and how damaged they are it's stomach turning. What good is it for a girl to look like a model if she has the leavings of several different men in her underwear (from an actual criminal investigation) stays drunk all the time, has sever mental illness , hates men because she's eaten up with Marxism.
    Bottom line, men need to be more hypergamous in the 21st century You're surrounded by women who have been altered in quite a few ways tampered with. They do not behave as the normal human females you as a man evolved to relate to. It's kind of like that move Frankenstein's Army the mental state of a lot of women even their physical state if you count all the drug and alcohol damage , trashy tattoos etc. The female instinct is there but they're minds have been screwed with pretty bad so be careful. A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍
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  • SentientBrick
    I think I mostly agree with your list with the exceptions on 2 & 8:

    2) Modesty in clothing shows that they have a sense of integrity and self respect about who they are. Thus they dont need to get affirmation and or attention through revealing clothing. (Not that I'm saying flaunting what you have from time to time is wrong but if its a habbit you may have deeper issues.) I'd argue that those personality flaws are not good for a stable relationship.

    8) dowery is not somthing that a woman can control. It holds no bearing on her personality, or the actions taken on her part. The size of a dowry only hints at monetary value her father or family has. Both of which you won't be marrying so it holds no real relivance to who you should be settle down with.
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    • I would argue a modern dowry is what a woman herself brings to the relationship.

    • Clothes are clothes. You guys exagerate it and it is shallow

Most Helpful Girls

  • peculiaremowhale
    meh. some of this stuff is over the top too much. take 3 of these qualities and you'd be lucky to have a girl like that. Honestly, idgaf if men like me or not, i've lived with a "high maintenence man" who required me to be like this. It drained me. it destroyed me. I lost every bit of myself. so yeah, i'll pass on half of these. I'm living life for myself from now on, not to please any person at the expense of my individuality and true self. love irregardless of my flaws or stay out of my life am i right ladies?

    go watch mulan bruh.

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    • good, now be a good girl and keep to the sidelines so these men can find a woman who is worthy of them. This goes both ways, obviously, no need to rattle on about how it applies to the other gender as well.

    • @No_Archons fuck you

    • did I inb4 your only response or is it that hurtful? Better to take the pain now than in a few years, honestly, you still have time to turn shit around. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for living for ones self, it wasn't that I disagree with, just understand that 'your self' may not be what you want it to be. If you do want it to be more than it is, then choose to grow in that direction.

      If you were satisfied with who you are you would feel no need to be saying any of this.

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  • GraveDoll
    ironically I agree with most (except the cooking part.) I can keep a spotless house but if it up to me whoever I marry will be a skinny man because I prefer most my foods uncooked and 7 years as a vegetarian...

    Im proud of you -_-
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I actually agree with most of your recommendations, though my reasoning is a little different on a few of these factors. I always appreciate someone who is willing to be honest and tell the PC crowd to go screw themselves.
  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    My girlfriend fills all those prerequisites and I'm still quite conflicted, maybe I'm just wired wrong.
    • VaIiant

      Dude for gods sake your girlfriend is abusive AF.

    • bloodys2

      @VaIiant Like he'll ever admit that lol

    • bloodys2

      anywho if your interested he ranted to another guy before and apparently he fears she'll stab him

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  • Inneedofusername
    Talking about Pump'n Dumping chicks yet expects his wife to be a virgin. LOL
    • There's a difference between the women you bang and the women you marry.

    • How can you miss a point that much?
      If you expect a virgin, be a virgin yourself. There is no double standard for men and women.
      If you hooker up with a woman, you are no different than her. You are EXACTLY the same

    • Hook up*

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  • Mädchen
    I don't think I could ever be a high quality women since I don't want kids😂 I personally think you shouldn't expect anything you can't give. Want a virgin? Be a virgin. Want her to be fit? Then you should also hit the gym
  • cth96190
    I agree with some points on the list, but not about virginity.
    It is absurd for men to try to fuck women, but then insist on a virgin wife.
    That is fucked up thinking from the Middle East.
    You should also realise that, at some point, a woman who was a virgin bride will begin to wonder what other cocks might feel like.
    I want a woman who is uninhibited, swallows, knows what to do with a penis and wants to lick my balls.
    Such a woman would not be a virgin. 🤣
    • Well that's up to you. A woman could bang 30 guys over a period of 3 years before she learns how to give a good fucking whereas a virgin wife could learn more in a month from her husband. Also only I'd you are not fucking your wife right Will she wonder about other dicks.

    • cth96190

      I honestly do not care about her body count. What matters to me is that they were all white.

    • Eeesssh you set the bar low.

  • motownplayer2000
    Most of your points are just common sense... there are some I wouldn't say I necessarily disagree with, but I put less stake in, for instance,
    1. Cooking- you said it's a "... basic life skill we should all be able to do..." I think cooking shouldn't be dependent on the woman, especially in the household of a family. That's a traditionalist mindset, I've always lived by this rule, if you want something done, do it yourself. And of course that come within limits and certain circumstances, but if I'm hungry I'll cook for my SO as well, not just for myself. My house never goes without good food because either she cooks or I cook, I don't expect her to cook for me.
    2. To much stake is put into dress, yes, there are extremes. But if your following the traditionalist handbook, women should be in long skirts and long dresses at all time! And that's just not practical. Anyone can find a way to say a woman is dressing slutty. At this point, when people say this, one suit bathing suits are slutty because they still reveal a lot.. so be careful with this one. This is subjective to individuals.. it's not a rule of thumb.
    3. Her exes/how many lovers- I sign of someone who is mature is the fact that they can learn from the past and move forward. In this case, a person's past doesn't define who they are or will become. And someone who is going into a relationship thinking that this is important isn't ready to be in a committed relationship and has growing up to do. It's just like they say in old American history. Should African-Americans hold white people responsible for the fact that they owned slaves? If that's a triggered and offensive notion to thing today's people are responsible for there ancestors past, why can't we use that same energy for some of these men and women who have different past? They aren't mutually exclusive... this is common sense concepts we are talking about!
    • 4. Finally Dowry- this is another one out of the old traditionalist handbook. I'm not the biggest fan of. It doesn't bother me if she brings something or her dad gives something as a way to help out. I don't depend on that. If I've done what I needed to do, I won't need to depend on the handout for taking his daughter off his hands.. so I can careless about this.

      Overall, good points, mental health is huge, weight is huge, Attraction is huge and financial responsibility is huge... one thing I would also suggest is sexual compatibility. Yes, it's true some can come into there own when they get married, but that's if the man or woman is willing to explore and be open about it. In society, it was frowned upon to talk about, discuss things like this.. and some women aren't open to a lot of talk like this, but it's something in a relationship (marriage) that is very important.

    • Finally, it's not bad to have the traditional mindset, but progression and growth together doesn't come from sticking with tradition.. some can be building blocks or fundamental to build your relationship around, but it will stay stagnant in a traditional mindset. Relationships are all about progression and growth with each other and individually.. and in my experience and from others I've talked too, that's the key to a healthy and happy relationship!

    • smg99

      I appreciate your response it is practical and real :)

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  • Britantic
    Good Mytake. On the modesty thing yeah dress like a slut and guys will treat you like one. Personality is a good thing to watch for. It's a hard list to live up to.Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍
  • luvstoned4him
    I love your my take and I think its reasonable what men should accept as a wife.
  • VaIiant
    Agreed with all your points, although you worded them as someone who probably thinks "women should be seen and not heard".
    Although, it weirds me out when I see adult women following the crop top-short shorts trend. That was something was was cool when we were 15. As a grown woman who wants a successful career, I'd be very embarrassed if someone saw me out in an outfit like that.
  • mistixs
    "High Quality Man" I think you're on the wrong site...
  • You don’t have to dress modestly in order to respect yourself or be respected by others.

    In some spots here, it’s like you’re coming from a religious perspective but then you completely blow that out of the water with your attitude and suggesting that some women are pump and dump material. If you want a holy woman, you have to be a holy man FIRST. Thems the rules.
  • Sevenpointfive
    i think i know why i was invited

    Things a High Quality Man should look for & out for when choosing a Wife.(pay attention ladies)😍😍😍
  • Sauximami
    All these are accurate accept for the weight part. weight is not really important its just society's view and influences telling that bigger females are more likely to become burdens to men both sexually and physically. If you truly love this person weight won't be an issue. but then again the term "wifey material" doesn't exist
  • Wolframium
    This is good and all, but what about low quality men? You know…those invisible… Do something like that for them. :-)
    • Be the man you want to be.

    • I think laws of physics prevent this.
      But other than that, I think I already am.
      So, what next? :-)

    • Just buy a big humvee to compensate

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  • Nadim171
    I kinda agree expet for cooking, I don't want my wife to cook or clean I want to do the housework and keep her relaxed and pleased
    • Do you want an Arab to come in and give her a good banging too while you are doing housework?

    • Nadim171

      Wtf? No, that's cheating. And I won't let a heathen saracen in my house.

    • What will you do? Tickle his balls with your feather duster as he tears up that pussy?

  • Jennifer_32
    Just remember they all can divorce you and screw you over. Doesn't matter how tall or alpha your male. In the end you the male will always be expendable.
  • Reach500
    Why do you feel the father of the bride should pay any kind of dowry?
    Nowadays, both husbands and wives are employed.
    • Reread.
      "The new more modern up to date dowry for 21st century could be considered what monetary assets bride herself brings to the relationship such as money, property, savings, earnings, an inheritance etc. More & more men in the modern era are less willing to accept a marriage where the bride brings nothing to the table especially as many women may have large debts student loan debts & credit card debts. Taking on anothers debt is not a great way to start a marriage."

    • Reach500

      ok, I guess that'd count as earnings

  • Snakeyes7
    I think the only thing that doesn’t really matter to me is the clothes. As long as she is appropriately dressed for where she happens to be im fine with it
    • Agreed. I had an ex who appeared at my uncle's funeral with her clevage on display. Granted it's not her fault she had big tits but she knew what she was doing.

  • No_Archons
    This is absolutely excellent. Couple of typos, but all your info is on point.

    Just one problem. Anyone smart enough to agree with you likely already knows most of this XD but for the kids out there who are very intelligent and haven't been exposed to this information, GIVE IT A CHANCE!!! Look at the world, see how everything he is saying adds up and makes sense.
  • MarketNews
    Dude you're 32. The skinny young virgin ship has sailed.
  • BrittBratt2416
    I actually agree with this. High quality men get and should deserve high quality women.
  • MannMitAntworten
    Morning blowjobs and a hot mug of Black Rifle Coffee, and I'd be fairly content. If she wants marriage, the coffee better come with bacon and bullets served on a perfect set of tits I didn't have to surgically pay for.
  • Muhammad1999
    Nice take , but not many women will have these traits , finding a good wife is harder than ever in the 21st century.
  • AnimeThot
    Good points but you made yourself sound like an incel
    • Not sure incel is a real but aren't they like lonely guys that can't get laid, like they will accept any woman that has a pulse

    • They are guys who have trouble getting laid, and hate the entire female sex due to it.

    • @TheAmazingDoggo some guys can easily get laid but still hate girls...

  • Ellie-V
    I am nothing close to marriage material and I’m okay with that 😂👍🏾
    • Robertcw


    • Ellie-V

      Yay ☺️

    • Robertcw

      Well at least you’re getting laid. Have to respect that at least.

      A guy with similarly high partner counts would probably consider marriage with you someday. Maybe.

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  • Smiley_face101
    I dont agree with the weight part, some people are just have that kind of build despite living a healthy lifestyle 🙄
  • Shutupman
    If that’s what you want good for you, though I hope you yourself are a virgin or have a low count, workout and dress modest.
  • Hawky_
    Not bad! I do think you could have dwelt on tits a bit more. It's not size but shape and pertness is a must. Think ripening fruit... You haven't mentioned multiple wives either. Having several wives allows you and them to...
    Spread the load...
  • Finchie40
    This is sad but pretty much spot on , i already did the marriage and kids thing and basically went through what that guy did in that comic.,
  • Iron_Man
    Wow man you put some great threads together you know your woman real wow and how they're supposed to look
    • There is not one way for women to look like.
      My boyfriend is 6'2 and muscular, he is. not into thin girls at all so to him a "real woman" is someone with thick thighs, big round ass and big tits

  • worldscolide
    I agree with most of this.. save the cooking part. I can cook FAR better than all women I have encountered... been cooking since i was 8 lol.
  • Enpassant
    Wow! The marriage in the 21st century is so damn close to what happened to me.
  • ChefCurry
    About the Michelin star restaurant comment. That's complete bullshit. There are certain tricks you can only find with years of experience and skill. That's not to say you can't be a great home cook, but to compare to a professional cook. Forget about it.
    • professional chef you mean. It's not bull. People are sheep. If you charge steep prices and lay the food on the plate in a decorative way they will think they are getting something valuable. Many people equate quality with money spent.

    • ChefCurry

      I've worked at restaurants where that is true. But when it comes to techniques, there are some you can only learn from working in the industry.

  • Bonney
    I agree with what is said but the age part. Sometimes life delays you from reaching the one you are to marry & have a family with.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Men and women with money should avoid marriage under the current system.
  • monkeynutts
    I agree, however I'm much more pragmatic, I will tolerate a lot from a woman, it's not about poor choices, or lowering standards, it's about what price you put on true love, and how calm you can be when challenged, or under pressure. A woman needs to know she can show her vulnerabilities, share her failures, and I will stand by her in any fight. Otherwise she will hold back the truth, and you may never ever really know your partner, because she is too busy pretending to be a strict set of standards.
    • Poppykate

      I agree with you. Plus these are high standards. For a relationship to be truly compatible, the partners need to be on a somewhat equal footing. How many men would meet these standards? 🤔

    • @Poppykate I think it depends on the man, some women might want a jazz or swing dancing boyfriend. Others want a financial controller of a successful business, 4 houses and an expensive car. It goes both ways.

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    There's a simpler solution you're not seeing:

    Stick to SE Asian and Eastern/Baltic European women, they seem to understand what it is to be a real woman and not a pandering entitled feminazi. Maybe Latina women also, if you can handle the extra spiciness ;-)

    That said, I think lists like these should always be subordinated to the individual standing in front of you. It takes time to learn someone's true character, and personalities are often more contradictory and multifaceted than a simple checklist of ideal attributes.
    Not to say I don't have my own 'checklist'. But it's better to have the checklist and not need it than to need it and not have it!
    • In case it wasn't clear, I think this list is good and mostly accurate. I might have phrased parts of it a bit different, but you've got it pretty spot on.

    • Although this is very much a list of "looking for WIFE" qualities; if looking for a girlfriend but not a "traditional" life path of marriage/kids/house/retirement, then a modified list would likely be more appropriate.

  • Robertcw
    🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. This is both savage and completely true.
  • Browneye57
    You either learn how to play the game, or you take your bat and ball and go home.
  • Dav1ss
    I can do these I think accept attractive and mental health
  • Massageman
    I guess I did fairly well then. (We BOTH have to work on that exercise thingy).
  • GreatnessBack
    I agree with your points and my wife would agree too.
  • AdithyaR
    This must be burned. Too much sexism.
    • Sexism?

    • AdithyaR

      The fact that you need her to cook. Okay cooking is something everyone should know, but being hell-bent on the fact that she must cook.

    • It's a basic life skill. She must also be able to drive, is that driveist? How about she must by be in a wheel chair is that ableist? Or must not be fat, is that fatist?

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  • Samhanks
    LOVE, nothing Else, because Love solves all problems !
  • Pink2000
    I don’t even want kids
  • PrinceOfAljazeera
    yeah ladies pay attention! no fat women my way!
    • Yeah i was going to say no fat chicks but the admins would remove the entire mytake

    • _Jay_

      well sorry some people have medical issues that actually require them to be a bit overweight for their own safety.
      maybe you can work on a cure? :)

  • lightbulb27
    oodles of truth there!
  • coolbreeze
    Interesting points.
  • Hans222
    Thanks for this handbook :D
  • GhostMochi
    Yo whut