What I look for in a husband and find attractive


Once again, who asked for this? Nobody. Not a single flippin person. But here we go lovelies! <3 I just thought I'd do this bc I'm bored and would like to share something about me or what I like. This is coming from a girl with absolutely 0 dating knowledge, I've never had a boyfriend or anything remotely sexual happen to me (well, not wanted anyways) so this is just my thoughts and ideas and I know some of this may be unrealistic but some of it isn't!

1. A stable decent paying job

He doesn't have to be the owner of a million dollar corporation or anything. Just a good paying job that he likes and can support a family. There are some jobs I find so damn sexy, and one is any type of law enforcement or military. I know these are dangerous but still lmao

Who doesnt find this sexy??
Who doesn't find this sexy??
Yes I did use a retro ass pic. Men in uniform are so to die for <3
Yes I did use a retro ass pic. Men in uniform are so to die for <3

2. A faithful man

When I say faithful I mean FAITHFUL. This is the most important thing to me in a relationship so I value this and honesty above all. I know it isn't to much to ask for bc bitch I know I can do it to. No flirting bc yes it's cheating :) Cheating has to be one of the lowest things you could to to someone you supposedly "love". You're just disgusting if you do.

What I look for in a husband and find attractive
A bit extreme but still lmfao
A bit extreme but still lmfao

3. A man who has hobbies

Maybe bc my family wanted to have hobbies but never did them, or maybe bc a man without any passions is just plain booooring, but a man with hobbies is pretty sexy. Fishing, golfing, model cars/planes/trains, (this is sounding very typical of a man isn't it?) things like that. Plus, men golfing is also attractive to me....

Yeah this is just sad lmao
Yeah this is just sad lmao
Daddy Piers
Daddy Piers

4. A man with "old fashioned" beliefs

Let's not get into religion bc I'm agnostic, but I mean about raising kids and married life. I understand that a lot of people won't agree with this one, and that's OK, this is just MY personal wishes. The last thing I need is a husband telling me our kid can choose to be whatever gender they want at 5 years old. I want a husband who will take on the role of the protector and MAN, I'm not into this feminazi bullshit and I don't mind a traditional household and marriage.

I actually want to be a housewife, sorry. Of course I want alternative options if something doesn't work out, but in general, I want this. I want to cook the meals and clean the house while he works.

What I look for in a husband and find attractive
What I look for in a husband and find attractive

5. A middle aged man

Last but not least, lanadelrey25's signature "kink", loving older men!!! <3 Don't interview me on why I love em, I just do. They're sexy aesthetically and usually wiser, so win-win if you ask me! They've had plenty of time to get their shit together, and that's hot.

What I look for in a husband and find attractive
What I look for in a husband and find attractive

Okay I'm done. thanks for taking the time to read and/or comment! Buh bye <3 <3 <3

What I look for in a husband and find attractive
What I look for in a husband and find attractive
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Most Helpful Guy

    Tbh Lana, I don't know why you dont have the perfect husband yet haha.
    I feel like there should be tons of eligible 40-something year old guys willing to settle down with you. Are you still holding out for Piers?

    Anyways, dont worry, I think you will find a man who ticks most if not all of these boxes. I actually think you have very good and reasonable expectations! cheers!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • midnightmoon05
    I married one with the above and additional qualities... few months younger when were were in our late 20s. Him 26 me 27.
    now my boyfriend too has the above qualities and more... 6/7 years older than me...
    a lot has to do with how well we get along daily to day and how we love and respect each other...
    good luck with your search... good to know what you want.
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  • cheapshotbob
    that cuts out 80% of the men on GAG XD , really though that was an interesting view on things but i can't say i would work so hard to get a girl that i loose who i am. i know enough to show her respect and be open with her thats just how i am now. but when i was your age i was a real asshole XD.

    but its a god game plan to have in mind what it is you want so you dont get trapped in a relationship that will get yu having kids before you arr ready.
  • LovingLover
    Did you like Cheyenne? I think he is hot... that cowboy middle aged man will look for a photo.. in the past I saw the tv series
  • lucas262
    Think iv got all those down but middle aged, now what do you bring to the table. I'm looking for someone

    sharing my faith,
    wife material check
    Loyalty check
    Young check
    Looking fine check
    Would have at least a part time job helping with bills
    Isn't a feminist
    Not a liberal

    Yea basically it.
  • backdoorman
    You are a normal woman, except you have uncommon honesty.

    Don't let feminists make you feel bad about your choices. Misery loves company, and they just want you to share their misery with them.
  • kemo56
    Sounds like a good plan just remember nobody you meats going to be perfect... The guy you fall far might not fit into the perfect "cookie cutter" image.

    But don't settle.
  • menina
    Well, you need to tell all of those things to your future husband :)
    I'm sure you'll find him :)
  • Phoenix98
    If only more women had that kind of mindset but they're few and far between sadly.
  • Syrian_survivor
    This is cute and all but I'd like to argue with number 5

    The first point of older men being sexier I can't argue with, that's your preference and I kinda agree honestly

    But usually wiser and having had plenty of time to get their shit together I don't agree too much with, a wise man who got his shit together was probably the same when he was 18, or at least he was on his way there, being older doesn't automatically make you a better person, look at how flawed and messed up men of the older generation are, whatever culture they come from.

    A good and wise middle-aged man was once a thoughtful observant teenager and a mature stable young man, drastic personality changes are almost impossible to make in adulthood, that's how I see it.

    Also keep in mind that older men could develop a good and effective way to hide their past self and create a fake angelic persona of a gentleman, in order to look more attractive.
    • zagor

      Not true at all. I know a lot of people who got their shit together but were a mess at 20.

  • bamesjond0069
    Girls love me for these reasons. All that feminism nonsense is garbage. How old are you just curious?
  • DudeDiligence
    Don't ever apologize for wanting to be a housewife.
  • Tunasub
    A woman that knows what she wants and is willing to wait until she gets just that is not only honorable but sexy too...
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing with us, well appreciated for sure
  • Godofmyownwurld
    I'm so glad I'm not straight😂 apart from the being faithful that sounds horrifying
    • How lmao

    • Because im not straight😐 and im not old. Kinda self explanatory that being a dicksucking house cleaner for a conservative man the same age as my dad, not exactly appealing🤢😷😵

    • yeah, a dicksucking house cleaner doesn't sum up what I'm trying to say bub

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  • venomhbk1313
    I'm not someone who makes a lot of money but I don't think you asked a bad question
  • I think you ultimately love men's money. It is common.
  • DonCachondo
    LOL this ended up turning into a Piers Morgan fan letter didn't it?
  • UserL83
    You forgot sense of humor. 🙂
  • How old of a guy would you marry?
    • I wouldn't go past 52, I want to have a life with my husband you know? lol

    • Yes, I was thinking of the kids too. You'll want him to be there for them as well. Are you going to have babies right away since the clock would be ticking?

    • I'd probably want to wait a year or two

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  • anon1903
    Sounds like a keeper.
    • sensible27

      Can't message you.

    • You're making me desperate, you really are. People don't bore me thier conversations (sometimes) do? Can you unblock. You're hurting me. If you don't wanna talk we can not. Just unblock? @anon1903 you really think you bore me? And that's why and even then I'm talking to you?

  • Dongtai
    Do you want a career?
  • On_the_other_hand
    Sounds good
    Everyone has their preferences. 😎
  • msc545
    Very interesting mytake - thanks!