Women's Best Role: "Becoming a Housewife"

Womens Best Role: Becoming a Housewife

😊 The happy housewife 😊

1. You see your children grow up
The biggest guilt working women have to face is the lack of time they have to devote to their children. They are torn between working and being with their children and watch them grow. A housewife is always there with her kids and manages to foster them in a loving manner and witness such moments like their first steps, their first words, etc.

2. You have more time
One of the most attractive and appealing benefits of being a housewife is the amount of extra time you have as compared to women who work 5-9 hours daily. You don’t need to hurry through life because you have no obligation to adhere to time limits and do work in a certain way. You have more time to do things around the house and you are not under the scare of an angry boss.

3. You have more freedom
When you’re a housewife, you’re your own boss. Your house itself is your office and you can even employ people to help you out like maids, cooks, gardeners, etc. You can see TV shows, catch up with your best friends for lunch, get a good night’s sleep, indulge in social networking, and enjoy more freedom than working women who have less leisure time.

4. You feel less tired
A housewife can relax on her bed if she is sick, but a woman who works should have to think of the excuse to tell her boss and fear the consequences she might face if she takes more than one day off. The guilt of giving work priority over family, fulfilling deadlines, work stress, and daily commuting to and fro office are factors that a working woman has to bear, unlike a housewife.

5. Get the best of both worlds
If you are a housewife and you feel the need to economically empower yourself, you can work from home. In this way you’re not caught in the rut of a busy office environment, and you also earn some money while taking care of the house. When you are a housewife, you get the best of both worlds!

This was myTake, on why shall a woman become a housewife if it's possible, these are the most important traits that i can remember till now, feel free to add some more, based on your own experience...

Women's Best Role: "Becoming a Housewife"
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  • Secret6620
    Awesome Mytake!!! Thanks for posting!!! Number three is my favorite ✨🧚‍♀️🌸
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    • Your welcome dear jasmine luiga 😊
      I'm glad that you liked it, keep smiling nerdy pocahontas 🤓🌹

    • 🙊🎀✨ thank you

    • Your welcome 🙂

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  • SunnyCaliGirl
    I love this
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  • BilyanasBeach
    I wonder what you will have to say about this, even though most men don't answer me when my opinion differs on their mytake:

    Woman's best role: "Becoming a owner of a business that you are passionate about" (Mine is to own a spa, I'm close to this goal, at first I will work in it but after a few years I will just be an owner :) I'm 19 so by the time I'm married I probably won't work in it)

    1. I will see my children grow, 2. I will have more time, 3. I will have more freedom, 4. I will feel less stressed, 5. I will get the best of both worlds (All the things you wrote)

    6. My husband will not ever feel like he isn't making enough because I will always be there to help, to buy myself something without burdening his spending plans, he could think of expanding or starting his own business because I have already done it, I will gladly invest in our kids, for example good education, so if we decide to have a lot of kids we can pay for everything much more easily.

    7. If I have a daughter I can take her to my spa regularly to meet my employees and be a part of my amazing team, see the exiting things happening in my spa, see how my clients enjoy spending quality time which every woman needs in a spa, maybe even develop a passion for it so I can pass it on to her once I'm old. So she will always have something to fall back on. So she can be proud of me for accomplishing something her friend's mother's didn't because they either work 9-5 or have nothing of their own in terms of a business cause they are housewives.

    8. I can marry better, and if I find a rich man, he would not think I'm with him for money, if he owns a business himself we will have one more thing in common, he would appreciate the effort I put in and I would understand everything that he has to do for his business, we would have so much money that we could travel to exotic places more often than most families, maybe even yours for example. But also me, having a traditional view on life, would make him happy for putting our children first.

    9. I would have the real best of both worlds, not you improvised version with a work from home which isn't possible in many cases for a housewife, you don't know the chores women must do when cleaning and cooking, it takes at least 5 hours out of their day if it's the little chores, not big seasonal cleanings + preparing 3 meals.

    What do you think? What do others think, men and women? Isn't the best role for a woman to find what she is passionate about asap and turn in into a business that the whole family benefits from. Even though it's rare of course, it's not easy to own a business, but since it's rare it must mean it's the best of the best. :)
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    • My answer to you is good luck...
      If it suits you both than it's okay...
      Such things are very hard to achieve ans takes a long time, like i said, i'll never marry a girl who wants to work after marriage...

      I don't need her money and won't accept it!

  • Ninjazzed
    Sorry but I don’t agree with this.

    The most women have ever accomplished is in the modern day when they weren’t stuck in the house.

    The housewife status is just a way for men to trap and keep women subservient and powerless to achieve their own aspirations.
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    • That's your own opinion and you don't have to like it or even support it, i'm glad that we are totally different 🙂

      Your just another washed up lost person!

    • Ninjazzed

      I’m not washed up nor lost, you are clearly delusional and need to get your head out of your ass. We’re living in 2020, come join us.

    • I won't join an impolite girl like you, i better keep you in my a*s so you keep you mouth shut... blocked!

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  • bluehen46
    most people would slam this as sexist but it worked far longer than modern chaos we have. More kids were in school than jail. You had less shootings in general and school shootings were unheard of. Must of what we would call moral though 20 years ago is "old fashioned" "racist" "sexist" "trans or homophobic" today. Not those things are all bad, but it seems the more "progressive" our nation gets the more it goes to hell
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    • Well said and if i can still give an MHO, i'd give it to you.

  • Curabyron
    That is one hella hard as job, you gotta clean, look after the baby/s, clean more, cook and get a meal all in time for the children to come home from school so they can winge like little jerks and not appreciate you and fight at the dinner table with a delicious meal that took her like 2 hours to make
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    • That's the beauty of it all, the joy and fun at home, when the man returns to the house, he will eat his little wife and lock the kids with the guiny piggy in a cage 🤣🤣

    • Curabyron

      Most husbands aren't like that, they also take their wife forgranted and winge a lot

    • Don't know about others, i know what i'll do 😊
      When the king returns to his castle, the kids will behave , micro piggy stops jumping around and the wife run to kiss and hug her kind and her little kidney filled with candies will be eaten 😈

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  • Shutupman
    Don't have kids.
    I have more economic freedom and personal freedom when I work, make friends and have social stimulation. I can spend my own money on what I want and my own spending won't ever put any strain on my relationship.
    I enjoy staying busy, being a housewife gets boring real fast.
    Most women I know would not enjoy being a full-time housewife. It's very isolating.
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    • People are just different, what's bad and boring for you might be the wish of another girl...

    • Shutupman

      Sure thing, but on average women do not want to be a stay at home mom. At least not in Western Europe.

    • Like i said, it's just your own opinion while many girls from the west of Europe and the usa told me the opposite 🙂

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  • MoonNieve
    Hahahahaha yeahhhh... that’s cute.. this was my opinion when I was young and didn’t have kids. This works 100% if you have placid kids, being a stay at home mum to kids with special needs is a completely different goal post 😭
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    • Kids or no kids, i'll only marry a girl who adores becoming a housewife, because i want to be her whole world and her everything and she will be very lucky because she doesn't have to work to live 😊

      At least when i return home, i find a happy comfortable wife and not a stressed lunatic...

    • By the way boobsee lady, your still young 😌

  • MzAsh
    These points conflict with what stay at home moms actually experience, and I’m the one who spent over 10 years as a babysitter to those women. Nice try though.
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    • Do you have your own children?

    • MzAsh

      No, not yet. I love my niece and I like being around her. But I enjoy not having kids at this time.

    • @MzAsh if you could just calm your attitude a little bit and stop saying "nice try"... etc

      I respect your opinion so try to respect other people's opinions too, that's all...

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  • MountAverage
    Weird how you project your personal conservative preference onto what's supposedly "best" for women. I guess you're desperately looking for legitimization. But why? It's okay to have preferences. I like things in women that a lot of women wouldn't want. I don't try to tell them they should, just because I like it. I just try to meet women who are compatible with me.
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    • I do agree with you about your choice and i'm rhe same but i don't know why you assumed that i'm like that...

      You built a scenario that doesn't exists and shoved me in it!

    • What are you talking about? I'm responding to the things you said in your myTake and especially to how you said them. Your whole take is about what is supposedly best for women. And I'm telling you, you're projecting your personal preferences here. Your personal preferences are not what's best for women, they're just your personal preferences. You try telling women that how YOU want them to be, is what's best for them in general. It seems like you're trying to legitimize your preferences.

    • Well i'm saying and stating the facts, not only my personal opinion, like it or not, a lot of women adores this...

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  • Freddy78361
    Well, sure... this works if a woman aspires to be a three sport varsity athlete: concubine, housekeeper, and nanny.

    Now that I have the demeaning sexist joke out of the way...

    Best is a crappy term because it is an objective metric for a subjective comparison.

    Each of us is responsible for living a life we find personally fulfilling. There is no need to go forth and multiply given that there are 7 billion on a planet that can sustain ecological diversity if the human population stopped at about 3 billion.

    Nobody (man or woman) should be chained into a particular role because someone else thinks it is 'best' for them.
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    • Well peoppe are free to choose, we also don't have to listen to someone like you who thinks that everyone should listen to him and agree with his views 🤣

    • Reminds me of the statement:"Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else."

    • Yeah just like you

  • elisa_0
    I don’t think it should be called the “best” role because then you’re saying that we can’t be good at other things.

    I believe the woman has a choice and I think most of modern society agrees. If you want to build a career and stay at home that is also possible thanks to the growth of online businesses.

    But if you want to work outside the home full time that is also the woman’s choice. It’s her life. Both parents should make an equal amount of effort toward their children. They should find a way to make it work without forcing the woman to stay at home.
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    • Well that's your opinion and i respect different opinions!
      I personally will never marry a girl who wants to work after marriage and it's not a woman' choice either because the husband have to agree or be able to provide for her this opportunity

    • elisa_0

      The husband doesn’t have to agree lol. If she chooses to work outside of her home, whether the husband agrees or not she has the right to do as she pleases. 😂

    • Yeah she has the right if he agrees...
      A woman cannot tell her mam that i love to stay at home and when he marry her, she changes and starts wanting to work!

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  • not329446
    Your reading too much science fiction. Life for some mothers is far from anything you envision. Careing for a family is a full time job. There's no time for naps, no sick days. It's a 365 day a year job unless you end up in a hospital bed.
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    • I never said that she won't work at all, she have responsibilities that needs to be done towards her husband and family and her house!

      I never said it's easy, but at least it's rewarding and it ain't horrible the way you mention it...

  • BlueScorpio
    I'm not possessed to either one , if you want to work or do the housewife thing then do whatever works best for the family then do it. If i was to have kids then I probably would stay home just cause i wouldn't want to leave my kid with strangers. But the thing is... do men today really want the housewife back? Cause some men are calling this golddigging or being golddigger.
    • opposed.

    • Nope the majority wants the working woman, i personally want the housewife back...

      The happiest role for a woman is being a housewife, it's hard in these days but it pays off 😊

    • elisa_0

      @TonyMetal___86 You don’t get to say what makes all women happy or what doesn’t.

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  • LizzyHale
    Oh no. You basically invited the feminists to this one LOL. But my mature perspective on it is that, in the situation where a husband and wife are together, the efficiency of there being a provider that gets the satisfaction of coming home to food, clean house, and most importantly (for men) a family atmosphere after a long day of work in return for providing security and opportunity for her and the kids, and providing the roof and food by making money in exchange is EXTREMELY scientifically backed up efficient and how a lot of successful marriages last so long. BUT, if people are single then a women has the same exact opportunities that men have to do whatever they want to. I personally support the idea of a nurturer and provider. Cause men need nurturing or else they get depressed, and women need providing (because what mother wants to be away from her kids for money).
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    • Ronnie_45

      Feminists are disgusting. They want to work but at the same time they want alimony, at the same time they want to share works at home. Feminists don't want to take any responsibility. They just want to blame men for everything. Feminism should be banned and all feminist rules should be removed. We don't need them. We need equality. Not feminism (misandry and female supremacy)

    • @LizzyHale i somewhat agree with you...
      The problem is that i'm an anti feminist...
      Men and women can never be the same.

  • hellish-kitty
    If this is genuinely what a woman wants to do with her life, obviously she can/should, but if she doesn't want to, she shouldn't have to, and it isn't better than any other life path. Personally, I'd rather die, lol.
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  • Meatunnel69
    Cost of living is much more expensive today than it was in the hayday of stay at home moms.
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  • MannMitAntworten
    The happy housewife has a maid, masseuse, a persona trainer, and a pool boy. She also has her own Maserati whilst coming and going as she wishes. Further, she has no children unless you count her small dog (s). I have known these women... no thanks. Actual housewives are not what I would call, “happy”. Grumpy maybe, but not happy.
    • Thanks for sharing but your talking about gold diggers while i'm talking about real devoted housewives

    • I wish I could agree. I know housewives... they are NOT happy.

    • people forget, kids are work. Obviously it's not the same level as some of the deadly jobs like coal mining, but it is a lot of responsibility. You have to feed the kids, they get fussy cause have to take a nap/don't want to take a nap. You got to keep your eye on them 24/7 to make sure they aren't doing anything potential dangerous etc. And you have to do that everyday, that can be a lot especially if you're barely getting sleep already cause you have to stay awake all the time to watch the kids

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  • Nadim171
    It's really up to her, housewives are great but hey career women are awesome too ❤

    (I want a club sandwich rn by the way)
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  • Justintheking
    Are you mormon? Only Mormons believe woman should be stay home moms and raise kids and be there for husband.
    • Nope i'm not, from where did you come up with these thoughts?

    • I hear it from people

    • They are like that and the amish are like that and people from all over the world, from all religions and even atheists are like that... it's a preference and not related to a ritual or a MUST...

  • lanadelrey25
    that's my dream
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  • robertKugler
    How well could u portray this role...

    Put your self there day in day out n do a months day to day play by play visualisation.. use serious realistic senerios... n think what modern woman outside a third world country would take that role for the wage that you'd be capable of providing in sickness and health.. that senerio would appeal too... my guess and actual survey would not be far off.
    And becoming a staying a house wife.. especially yours... Scotty beaming up is a more realistic aspiration than a woman holding house wife as one any less than of orange county.. as an aspiration..
    • Well that's how you see things, which is different than other people's views...

  • tartaarsaus
    Such a waste of talent and potential
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    • Not all women have to be housewives and the majority cannot afford it...

    • That changes nothing. It’s a massive waste of talent

    • What talent?

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  • OddBeMe
    Why aren’t these reasons for men too?
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  • BillysBabe
    Ummmm ok
  • Anonymous
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂working moms carry a 9-5, and make time for everything else, I say, sometimes you don’t know real pain until you know your momma got up at 5:30, got a shower, got dressed, made breakfast for everyone, packed 4 lunches, woke everybody up, got the kids on the bus, got hubby out the door, got herself out the door, go work 8 hours, and come home to hubby and the kids watching tv. And then she proceeds to make a nice good meal, put the kids to bed around 8-9, spent time with hubby, FINNALLY took her shoes off and went to bed around 10-11. And she does it 5/7 days a week.

    On Saturday hubby has a day off, so she goes and works overtime to get more money so you can have nice things, she wakes up at 6, gets a shower, gets dressed, makes breakfast for everybody, then she preps lunch, then she wakes everyone up, after everyone has eaten she heads out. 8-8she works her butt off. She comes home and makes dinner, puts the kids to bed, preps a picnic for her day off, and then finally takes her shoes off and goes to bed.

    On Sunday, she sleeps in until 9 and wakes up to screaming children. Once she settles the arguments she goes and makes breakfast and coffee and the normal stuff. She wakes hubby, and eats breakfast, then she showers and starts packing the picnic that she prepared last night. Her and her family spend the remainder of the day at the park, once they get home, she makes dinner, sends the kids to bed, and if she has the energy she might pack her kids lunches for tomorrow.

    And she does it every day, with little variety for maybe 10 years.

    I don’t want any part of that tasteless life. I hate the thought of it.
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    • Anonymous

      @DapperDinosaur I hope it explains my viewpoint on this shit.

    • Anonymous

      I would rather kill myself because I don’t have the willpower for that.

    • If you cut the children part out, it seems much better. And with a good college education, you could probably find a job that you'd both enjoy and make a living off of without the 9-5 every day. Then you'd have more time for yourself and to spend with your partner.

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