Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk

Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk

1. Maybe he wanted something natural and not cosmetically constructed:

When your making millions and everybody is trying to win your approval and tell you what you want to hear, the one who resists your will and tells you what you don’t want to hear wins. Also vain people produce a certain vibration, they are psychologically noisy and emotionally unsettling and so typical and common so as to be redundant in their social and moral value.

2. Maybe he wanted to be judged by his internal qualities and not his looks or money.

To have somebody love you without your masks and decorations is addictive and highly magnetic, and a man trapped by depression will often crave that authenticity and emotional reciprocation and vulnerability, she might have been the only woman who loved him when he was ugly and poorly dressed.

3. The desire to be loved in a pure way.

While love is common, pure love is very rare, for somebody to love you because you are a human soul or a compassionate being, and not factor in your appearance, or your charm, or your style, or your clothes, or your budget, or your skills, or your intelligence, or your possessions or your influences, for somebody to love you and care about your feelings and be devoted and genuinely interested in your happiness and welfare is very rare and uncommon to find.

4. Maybe he wanted a woman that was morally blameless.

I know a lot of rich people in my family, all the beautiful and successful woman in my household have been severely corrupted by their wealth other than one formerly obese aunt I had who worked very very very hard all her life for everything that she had and faced constant rejection when she was younger, four things nearly all high status woman suffer from is jealousy, dishonesty, bitterness or cheapness and pettiness and competitiveness. I would say less than 1% of high status woman are clean from the moral pitfalls of wealth and privilege.

Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk
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