Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk

Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk

1. Maybe he wanted something natural and not cosmetically constructed:

When your making millions and everybody is trying to win your approval and tell you what you want to hear, the one who resists your will and tells you what you don’t want to hear wins. Also vain people produce a certain vibration, they are psychologically noisy and emotionally unsettling and so typical and common so as to be redundant in their social and moral value.

2. Maybe he wanted to be judged by his internal qualities and not his looks or money.

To have somebody love you without your masks and decorations is addictive and highly magnetic, and a man trapped by depression will often crave that authenticity and emotional reciprocation and vulnerability, she might have been the only woman who loved him when he was ugly and poorly dressed.

3. The desire to be loved in a pure way.

While love is common, pure love is very rare, for somebody to love you because you are a human soul or a compassionate being, and not factor in your appearance, or your charm, or your style, or your clothes, or your budget, or your skills, or your intelligence, or your possessions or your influences, for somebody to love you and care about your feelings and be devoted and genuinely interested in your happiness and welfare is very rare and uncommon to find.

4. Maybe he wanted a woman that was morally blameless.

I know a lot of rich people in my family, all the beautiful and successful woman in my household have been severely corrupted by their wealth other than one formerly obese aunt I had who worked very very very hard all her life for everything that she had and faced constant rejection when she was younger, four things nearly all high status woman suffer from is jealousy, dishonesty, bitterness or cheapness and pettiness and competitiveness. I would say less than 1% of high status woman are clean from the moral pitfalls of wealth and privilege.

Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk
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  • Jjpayne

    I think relationships have seasons. They start great and fresh. Sometimes they continue to blossom. Other times they unfortunately wither away but I do hope they still can be friends at least

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  • TheBigGuy9

    Not everything can be answered

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  • Ez-Bri-Z

    I actually usually really like reading your posts because of the religious aspect and your PoV, but this one hit me a little wrong.

    There could be a multitude of reasons we will never be aware of, but I am slightly irked at her getting pointed out as the issue especially over being cosmetic when he is covered in tattoos. Let's build other women up where we can even when we don't agree with the choices they make.

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    • I’m not referring to a cosmetic beauty but a cosmetic personality as in a socially constructed series of habits and social responses created to allure and attract and not to reflect honest and sincere sentiments or private and humble moral values.

    • Ez-Bri-Z

      Ah, my bad on the misinterpretation! Still love your posts 😊

  • Leavesbound

    Justin Bieber is hardly morally blameless. He is not especially religious and as I understand it has never stepped foot in a church without his mom next to him. He certainly has ignored the biblical ban on tattoos. As of when he was dating Selina she had no cosmetic enhancements unless you are talking about lipstick and nail polish and even my hyper religious prude sister wears nail polish and lipstick.

  • Ally247

    This MyTake is ridiculous because if such reasons were the case he would not have married Hailey. You clearly know very little about Gomez.

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    They were just really young and figuring life out in the public was too hard.

  • zagor

    I think you're getting outside your realm of expertise here...

  • Kas19

    What even is this

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    • roxbby

      Yeah, honestly I think that we just don’t know anything and don’t have to care about other people’s lives.

  • J9inva

    I think he’s looking for a guy.

  • michael1469

    He was a dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think either of those people are sane or rational enough to try getting any logical reasoning out of whatever they do, fame blew their brains out and all that's left is material guiding their lives, they're the typical example of a long-gone celebrity.

  • Anonymous

    And who's moral standards do you base this on?

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    • Moral opinion differs from person to person. So instead of saying useless things actually give feedback on what her message is

    • I agree with your post. Selena has always come across as superficial and i don't think anyone would want that.