He stopped calling after we slept together - but we were seeing each other for 2 months!.

I've been seeing a guy for about 2 months at first it was going to be a casual hook up thing. But when we met up we never actually slept together. We agreed we wouldn't let it get emotional. He started to call and text me nearly everyday. I returned them. At one point he told me he missed me. He's told me many nice things and also apologized for missing me lol. The other night we finally slept together. He called me on his way home and thanked me for a wonderful night and said he would see me soon. He texted me for awhile and I texted back after we hung up.

The next day he called me and I was driving with a friend in the car so couldn't really engage in much conversation about the night before. He knew this. The conversation seemed to be going ok.. just like usual... then he asked me why I stopped replying to his texts last night. I told him I had replied and that they must have gone through. The conversation ended on a good note.

Usually he calls me after work unless he has had a bad shift or is really tired. I know he was tired... but he didn't call. I didn't think anything of it. But he still hasn't called in 2 days. I know it doesn't sound like a long time but given the circumstances its strange he hasn't called. Remember he usually contacts me every day. 2 days never goes by without contact.

I tried to message him with my delivery reports on and they are saying he's not getting my messages. However... and this is where it gets tricky. He is married. He has a secret sim card for me. He turns it on every now and then to see if I have messaged him. I can't call him in case he is at home with his wife (he text when he is at home though).. and when I knew he wouldn't be at home I called but his sim card wasn't in his phone or his phone wasn't on.

I don't understand why he would call.. and text... then nothing. Is it possible he thinks I think he was a bad lay or only wanted one thing and am now brushing him off? Or did he get what he came for?

Yes I know what I am doing with this amn is wrong but that wasn't my question. I'm just curious. I don't want this guy to think he has been f***ed over. lol. that just wouldn't be nice. But if he just got what he came for fine. I'm cool with that. I'm just p*ssed that he said to me once awhile ago... without me having to ask him.. that he will never just disappear on me. He will tell me if he wants to end it. Oh and another thing, when he told me he missed me and I said I missed him too he said "I'm sorry for this but I think that now it would kinda bother me if you didn't.. and that bothers me" he also hinted the other day that this was becoming more emotional than he had wanted. he meant his emotions not mine.

he called me last night - was on his days off and apologized for not being in touch. I'll give him the benefit this time but next time I wont. And as for being this and that for what I'm doing - she cheated on him with his best mate and took her back.


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  • Wow, that was quite the twist near the end... "he is married". No wonder things are crazy here. He's got another life going on that I'm sure he's busy with, not just work but his wife (and possibly kids). But to answer your question, yes he's may have gotten what he came for. Not just the sex, but the thrill of a new relationship. Especially since he's married and has probably been with the same woman for quite a while. Often if people get married too early they start to wonder about "is the grass greener on the other side". Maybe he tried checking the grass out and is satisfied now to go back to his wife.


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  • A married man disappearing once you've slept together. Maybe sleeping with you was one step too far, he developed a conscience and realised what he was doing to his wife.

  • Women are a sexual conquest for some men. He is a scumbag. I hate to say it but, you are too. That's f***ed up of you to sleep with a married man. Cheating and being deceitful are the two worst human qualities.


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