Aren't humans just tools for one another?

I see no benefit as to loving someone and bonding with them to show off your "love" to society.
What is your take on this?
Would you marry a person for love, or because they're useful?
I like to think about it this way: you have a beautiful, glass axe compared to a dirty, worn but sturdy axe. The beautiful axe will definitely shatter, so you're better off with the sturdy one, as it will chop more trees.


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  • I think you are confused.

    To marry a person for love IS to marry a person that is useful. Most of us want a partner in life to varying degrees. From procreation to security to simply a partnership

    The vast majority of the human race has feelings and are capable of empathy. We feel loneliness and depression. These negative emotions are generally enough to sap our will power and possibly our desire to accomplish anything or even live.

    This is where your analogy falls apart. A true, loving marriage is hardly a decorative glass axe. It's more like a shiny, new completely sturdy and functional axe that eventually loses it's shine, but still cuts wood just fine over several winters.

    I'm not even sure what you are advocating as to what makes a marriage partner a 'useful tool' outside of anything pertaining to love.

    Should we champion the woman that uses her husband as her personal ATM machine?

    Should we champion the man that uses his wife as his personal organic masturbatory toy?

    I'm all for thinking rationally, but you are waist deep in sociopathic ideals here.


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  • On a evolutionary level YES.
    On a moral level NO

    • Why would the moral level matter?
      If you were vegan and starving, would you fish for fish, or die of hunger?

    • I would kill the fish.
      But you were talking about humans using other humans as tools... dont you?

    • In my opinion, humans are not so different from other animals.
      We used to use oxen to plot the fields, and dogs to hunt.
      What, in your opinion, makes it wrong to use humans?

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  • I think it's because it's human nature to lean and depend on each other to some extent. No one can go through life without support from others, whether it be physical, emotional, etc.

    • If you had a sword in the middle of a war, that'd be much more reliable than your favourite toy.

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    • My point is, having a person that you love versus a useful one is comparable to a placebo to true medicine.

    • LMAO I like how you answer me by making another comparison
      Also to answer your "would you marry a person for love or for utility question, I think you're underestimating the usefulness of love.