Going barefoot at an Indian wedding?

One of my best friends is getting married soon. Her family is Indian and they will have a traditional Indian wedding party.

Now for the party there is no specific dress code in general, she just said we should wear something that we can dance in, because it will be expected that everyone takes part in traditional wedding dances. We can wear a saree if we want, but don't have to (I won't, since I don't have one). The only thing she was very specific about was that wedding dances will be done with bare feet.

Additionally, at the wedding my friend will perform a dance together with her closest female friends, which includes me. So she said we will meet a few times to practice it before the wedding. For that dance we will also have bare feet and our feet will get painted beforehand (an Indian/Pakistani technique called mehndi).

Generally I feel really uncomfortable when I am seen barefoot, so this puts me in a difficult situation. Now I wondered if this is a normal tradition at Indian weddings. Has anyone seen this before? And is there anything I can do about it?
Going barefoot at an Indian wedding?
Going barefoot at an Indian wedding?
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