Every Gal should be submissive, right?

From a for-profit blog run by girls telling others to be submissive in their marriage and don’t worry about careers! Unless it’s a blog telling girls not to have careers!

If you are thinking about becoming a submissive spouse you might wonder as you've read the article, what exactly is in it for you.

1. Lower chance of divorce.
2. Keep the spiciness alive in your marriage, and avoid the overwhelming boredom that plagues people's marriages.
3. Increased feelings of love, grace, and companionship with your husband.
4. If you are a housewife or stay-at-home mom, you will get financial protection and enjoy the domestic sphere, away from the hostilities of the career world.
5. Favors and special treatment from your husband, such as gifts and extra nights out.
6. Peace in the house, i. e., decreased fighting or arguing.
7. Lower risk of infidelity.
8. Ability to be your feminine self. If you are a girly-girl, this will be a given. You will enjoy your role as a submissive wife to the fullest.

Every Gal should be submissive, right?
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Every Gal should be submissive, right?
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