Submission and Domestic Discipline (question to men)?

I am a married woman, and mother of 3 kids. Since a few months I am wondering I would like to introduce some changes in my marriage.

First of all, I would like to tell him that I want to submit to his authority. we have experienced an equal relation up to now, but recently I've started feeling the need of recognizing his HoH role, and to have a more man-led relatioship.

I really have no idea on how he could react to that. how would you, in his boots?

will he be disappointed?

will he lose respect for me?

will he consider me less valuable for renouncing to this "modern" equality?

Moreover I would like to introduce Domestic Discipline in our relationship. I'd like him to guide and me to follow him. I would like him to take care of me, correcting me when it is needed (correction = hand spanking).

but Again I do not know hot to come to the point with him. and how will he react to my proposal about DD?

will he think that I am crazy,

or won't he take it seriously?

will he laugh of me?

I'm ready... will he be? and if not, what to do? Is it fair that I try to convince him to do that, or shall I give it up? Can I propose him a definite time period trial, after which he will tell me if to continue or not? what can I do or tell him in order to make him as much comfortable as possible with the issue?



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  • It really depends on how he feels about it. If he loves you, he will realize this is a special need, and he should respect you for that. He might feel uncomfortable dishing out the discipline, though. Like all things, this will require discussion. Good luck.


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  • I was suprised to find your post about this! I too am interested in this. I am a Christian & I found a GREAT site -- look up Christian Domestic Discipline (.com) "CDD" I personally don't see this going over well in a secular relationship, but it's possible. I suggest you read the site & it tells ways to bring it up to the husband. Women are usually the ones who want this to begin with & introduce it. Be sure you guys set up ground rules if he agrees that you can change at a later point if you need to --the site discusses how all that works. Best wishes! :)