How much money should he spend on my engagement ring?

I know I sound like a gold digging bitch but my boyfriend - now fiance - popped the question a week ago. The ring he gave me probably cost less than $1,000 and he's a successful real estate agent so I know he has more money to spend. Should I be offended?


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  • Wow you should be happy he gave you a ring at all.

    If you really loved him you wouldn't even need a ring to spend the rest of your life with him.

    I had an ex-girlfriend who always looked at other womens rings and made comments to me about them.

    Now it would make sense that if she wanted to get married she would say "did you see her ring?" but she always commented "did you see the SIZE of her ring?"

    I was still in college and didn't have the money to buy her the $8000 ring she wanted, but I loved her and knew one day when I had a good job I would buy her that expensive engagement ring. Well we were dating for about 4 years and she was getting a little pushy about marriage so I asked her,

    "If we could get married now with a smaller diamond ring, or get married in a few years with a BIG diamond ring. Which would you prefer?"

    If she had given me the answer I had hoped, I would have probably had been a married guy. But she gave me the BIG answer and now she is my EX and I am not married just happy.

    • Probably for the best, my friend. A woman with high material aspirations now probably won't change her priorities in the future. High maintenance and overly concerned with wealth status symbols are not my kind of women. Good for you to find that out sooner rather than later.

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  • Check the answers using this link: I realize the question is not worded the same, but I think the answers will still help you. Lots of ways people view the ring versus the thought. link


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  • You do kinda sound like a bitch, no offense. I wouldn't spend much on you either.

  • Did you let him know beforehand that you wanted a semi-expensive ring and what kind? Do you wear a lot of jewelry? Perhaps he didn't know that you would care how much it cost. But it's a little late now to be thinking about the cost, don't you think!?!

    Perhaps you can talk about it with him and either upgrade the stone or get a beautiful wrap to enhance the ring.

    My fiance doesn't have a high-paying job and my ring cost upwards of $4,000. He first gave me a little ring and told me I should be happy no matter what the size or cost. When I let him know that I was, he pulled out the more expensive ring!

    His sister's fiance just proposed also, and spend under $1,000.

  • Guess I'm different from most women. I asked my husband of now thirty years if he would like to marry me. And when he agreed, I made him promise not to get me a ring, or any other gifts in the future, but to save our "gift" money each year for a vacation together. We have so many fantastic memories of fun in far away places to share as we grow old together, and we have continued our travel with our children and now grandchildren. We are far from wealthy people and people always ask us how we can afford such trips. It's all because we dropped out of the world of the mad thoughtless consumer years ago, and don't buy useless crap, and our lives are so much richer for it. It's never a good idea to measure love by how much money is spent.

  • my ex spent close to 12k I think all nice rings are over 5k

    • That is way too much money to spend on metal and mineral. I would run away from a girl who thought that was important because it spells high maintenance. There are many beautiful quality rings for under $2000.

    • Well maybe I'm high maintenance...i have never seen a nice ring for $2000 but that's me I only like certian ones...

    • Rocks - just shiny rocks. Wow are your priorities screwed up. Thirty years ago, I told my future husband not to insult my intelligence by giving me a ring, or any other material gifts in the future. Instead we spend all the money we have saved each year on not buying birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts, and go for a great vacation with each other. The times we have had together and the memories we have shared will last a lifetime. Thirty years later we are happily together.

  • Mine only spent $50 and I feel like I should be offended

  • Yes. the general rule is 3 months wages.

    • 3 months wages? That could be $30,000 or more. That's a new car for most people or a start on a house. If a huge ring means skimping on the honeymoon, how good is that? It's also the kind of jewelry that brings out muggers. An actor died for a Rolex watch and a locket. Can't agree. Besides, most of the value of a diamond is inflated anyway.

    • It's actually 2.

      And to the person above me, you may technically earn $30,000 a month but you never actually get that. People EARN a lot more than they actually receive due to taxes and shit.

    • That's something de beers diamond company made up so you can afford their rings.

  • I think my boyfriend is planning on proposing, he told me the other day that he wishes he had enough money to buy me an engagement ring, I am worrying because I DONT want an expensive ring, in fact I found one I love and would be more than happy with for less than £80 ($50) an engagement ring should not be about the monetary value of it, it should be the sentimental value and emotions attached to it.