If he looks at rings online, does it mean he wants to propose?

I saw that my boyfriend of two years has been looking at ton of pages of engagement rings on the computer. Does the fact that he is looking at them mean he wants to propose or is he just looking?


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  • he could just be looking...checking things out. it's clearly on his mind though.

    it's hard to judge stuff like that. I mean, I've looked up how to make a homemade explosive. I don't plan on blowing anything up though. :)

    • Why not? Fireworks are fun!

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    • Good enough excuse for me. =P

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  • Well, there's a chance he's looking for someone else. I mean does he know anyone who might be getting engaged? Maybe he's checking out deals. It also could mean that he's just idly thinking about it and checking prices and stuff for when he thinks you're ready.

    Anyway, yeah there's a chance. Still, I wouldn't get too worked up just yet. You don't want to get worked up over nothing, and let yourself down. Or worse yet, you don't want to be one of those girls who gets worked up, get's disappointed, and then just gets angry at HIM for something SHE worked herself up over.

    So yeah. There's a chance, but keep calm.

  • he could be looking to see how long it would take to save up for one or if someone he knows has recently been married he could just be curious.

  • Is one of his friends getting married? You shouldn't assume anything, he could lead to a very wrong conclusion. =)

    • His sister just got married last summer, and my sister just got engaged.

      Yeah! I'm so afraid to even be hopeful at this point because he hasn't even talked about getting engaged with me at all! The other day he did say that if I had his last name "it would sound cool." ... I don't know, I kind of feel like I might be one of those girls that tries to make something out of nothing here... haha

    • Time will tell. Don't expect it, but if it comes enjoy the surprise if that is what you are hoping for. =)

  • He could be.


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