Is it normal for a girl, who is engaged, to try to gain mens's attention?

I know this girl, she goes through relationships really quickly. She is not engaged for the third time and she is only in her early 20's. She is still posting half nude pictures on Facebook and she still tries to manipulate me.

To me I see this being another failed relationship, and I know she is a good person, deep DEEP down. And I know she goes though a lot of difficulties because of these choices.


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  • if she is still in her early 20s she shouldn't even be engaged yet .. she sounds like a girl who likes a lot of attention from men .. your 20s is really the time when you have fun and meet new people .. I would talk to her about it .. she sounds like me really .. I was always this way I'm only 28 and I'm married now for the 2nd time and even tho I'm married to someone I new since I was 16 I still wish I could go out and have fun and sleep with who ever I wanted .. she don't need to rush into getting married .. its not all fun and games and if your not in it for better or worse it will not work . she might be a girl who just wants someone to really love her like she would love them but the only way she can get men to want her is if she offers sex to them or shows herself .. a lot of girls are like this . I was to .. I just had low self estem . don't mean she is bad or a hoe or nothing like that just needs time to find herself . be a good friend to her let her no you care .


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  • Maybe you should talk to this girl about what she's doing and just bring it to her attention. I think for this girl, it's probably the norm... But if it was me who was engaged, I feel like I would be excited and totally committed to this guy and be seriously ready to spend the rest of my life with him.

  • I remember getting a lot of male attention the year that I was engaged (though that was a long, long time ago, so please bear with me here). From what I remember, it wasn't anything I was specifically doing, just the fact that I was SO happy and busy planning for this wedding, laughing with friends I hadn't seen in a long time (who were around to hang out with me and share old stories before I "got hitched"), and guys find that open sort of happiness REALLY attractive. I remember bumping into a bunch of guys from college within those 12 months, and they all seemed to really want to hang out again, even though we'd never really hung out in college. One had been my major college crush -- the first and last day he saw me (since college) was the day of my last dress fitting. I'll never forget the look on his face when he heard I was getting married. He said "WHY? I mean, GREAT!" and asked to come to the ceremony. (I thought he was being silly at the time, of course, but he's actually tried to keep in touch over the last 15 years, which I found strange.) Bottom Line? Guys are attracted to the radiance of a happy girl.

    In your case, she seems to be looking for trouble. No one who is happy in life and love will voluntarily do such things...


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