Admits she does not like having sex with him and is a lesbian, but wants to stay married. Is she serious?

A close family member, came to see me last night . After 25 years of marriage, his wife admitted to him she did not like having sex with him and that she was a lesbian. After he found out that her book club, was just a front for lesbian sex parties.

On the surface, he and his wife had a great marriage. They were socially active, and a well liked couple.

He really went into the details of his marriage, telling me about how after their last child was born. They have 3 boys, the last one was born during their 5th year of marriage. That their sex life more or less ended, that they had been having sex about 4 times a year over the last 20 years and that they had not had sex at all in over 2 years.

He went on to describe all the excuses she used why they could not have sex, having been married myself I had heard most of them. It is amazing how before you get married, you never hear I am tired or I have a headache. How you can have sex at the drop of a hat, than you get married and all of a sudden you are a oversexed pervert for wanting to have sex.

She admitted to him, that she had been involved in a few lesbian relationships over the past 20 years. I asked him if he had cheated, I knew he had not. But I asked anyway, as he could have hid it. But he told me what I expected, he had not cheated.

After his wife came out to him, he said he told her that he guessed they need to get lawyers. He than said that, his wife started to list all the good things about their marriage and lifestyle and that she did not want a divorce. That she suggested that they keep living as they have been, that she would continue to be discreet with her lesbian lovers and that he could get a mistress and that she was willing to start letting him have sex with her again if he agreed.

I asked him if he was considering her offer, he laughed and said that he had a better time jacking off than he did sexing her as she lay there like a corps. He was upset at what he had learned, but was also relieved to find out why his wife had been so cold sexually.

We talked about the reasons she gave why she wanted to stay married, first one was lifestyle. No way she was going be able to live the lifestyle she did, without his pay check covering it. Socially, she would be dead in the social circle she was in with him if she came out in the open and admitted she was gay. Coming home to a clean house and dinner, was not worth the mental stress involved in continuing the marriage.

I told him to go see a lawyer, and get papers drawn up for a legal separation. That he should not leave the house with out one, no sense giving her grounds to say he abandoned the family home and marriage.

After admitting to her husband, she did not enjoy having sex with him and she was gay. Is this woman seriously, expecting her husband to stay married and live a charade. So she can keep her lifestyle, and social status after putting him threw mental and emotional stress for the last 20 years


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  • She's a slimebag.


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  • Lonstory but interesting.

    I think it's a little selfish of her to expect that he would stay married just to hide her secret.

    If I were I. His scenario, I would demand threesomes and see what happens

  • Some people who are sociopathic like this, have no understanding of normal peoples emotions. So it's possible she genuinely has no idea how absurd this request was.