How can I get around my mom seeing my bank statement?

I'm trying to buy something, fairly large. It's not that important that i buy it and it certainly isn't necessary to have but, id like to have it for a couple of reasons. However, while I have the money to do it, it of course requires that I withdraw it from my account. My mom looks at my statement on occasion to do bills and whatever since I still live here at home, 31. How do I get around her seeing this purchase..

I've asked her before if she cares what I spend my money on and she said no, as long as you know what you're getting yourself into in terms of danger (some sites are not a good idea)

But, she'll still see I took quite a bit out, and she'll wonder why. Just today I told her I also may be buying something, basically the same price, and she said she doesn't mind that I do of course, it's my money but, I felt like I should have let her know she might see a large withdraw. But it likely won't be for a few days yet, was just letting her know I will be, maybe (depending on if they're sold out by then).

So how do you recommend I go about this?
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NVM, i bought it, and told her. She was semi ok with it

She told me, never tell my dad what I did, andddd not to spend that much on something like this again. maybe something smaller, but never that much
How can I get around my mom seeing my bank statement?
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