Why is my ex not even cordial to me in public?

Being that my ex and I were quite similar we tend to be in the same place at the same time... solely by coincidence. Why is not he not even cordial to me? We broke up a long time ago (3-4 months ago). We spoke a bit over a month ago... and we broke up on a really good terms. He initiated the breakup, but later on when we talked about it we agreed it was more mutual than we had thought.

Ran into him last night while I was out... he acted like I didn't exist. He stared in my general direction for like 30 mins. After he left his friends talked to me... it just seemed very odd. Things didn't end badly. Why not say hi, hello, how have you been? I would have said hi except that he said he didn't want contact... I didn't want to be that annoying person to go against his wishes so I decided to wait til he said hi. I mean, if I meet him on the street somewhere again I'll probably say hi. It just felt so odd pretending like we didn't know each other AT ALL. Can we not be adults and say hello? I'd understand more if we ended on a bad note... but we didn't at all. He even said I was "almost" the one for him. Idk, just seemed odd.


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  • Even if things did seem to end on good terms he may feel that as you are an Ex you no longer have a part in his life. He may still hold some resentments/bad feelings of what happened. Maybe give him more time and he will be more or less cordial. He is your Ex ultimately you two have decieded not to pursue a life or relationship together.

    • Wow yeah, I think he might. I feel like by not being friendly he's just showing he's not over it. He made last night kinda awkward. I can't talk to his friends unless he's gone. They're super nice and nice to me! Maybe next time I'll say hi to him. I get the feeling he wants to wipe me out of his life completely, but sheesh, is hello, how are you so hard? I guess I really didn't think things could have ended better. We both left the relationship and said we'd never been happier until we met

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    • Wouldn't think to much into it

    • No... I won't. It just seemed a little immature. I wasn't trying to be mean or I don't know anything. I feel like he put too much thought into it... I was just being nice. idk.

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  • Why should he be?

    He completely failed with you.

    And you conspired.

    • Lol how did I conspire?

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  • If you had to work with him and he gave the silent treatment, he'd be immature, but he has no obligation to keep in contact with you. If he's not being cruel to you, he's not doing something wrong.

    • What if he gives me the silent treatment when I'm around, but when he leaves his friends talk to me?

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    • good point. thanks!

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