Why does my ex stare at me in the hallway and won't even talk to me while we can in public?

We broke up 3 months ago and he doesn't even have a new girlfriend or anything like but he's not a jerk. I was his first girlfriend ever he was sweet of course but we broke because he thought I was clingy and was going to fast in our relationship but even so after he just keeps on staring at me every time and I just can't help but look back and wonder what he's thinking. Why is he still staring after all that had happened.
How should I think about this situation?


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  • I can't tell you
    You didn't gave more information
    Seems like he miss you but afraid to talk to you
    He's the one who dumped you right?
    So that's why he has no guts
    So if you REALLY want him back so start breaking the ice with your own hands

    • Yes he broke up with me
      Mean I really liked the guy he was sweet but we broke up because I went to fast and I want to try and make things better

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