My Top Ten Oldies Songs

Okay, so these might not be oldies, I don't know. I know a couple will be.

This is my personal top ten. If you don't like it then you don't like it. If you love it then you love it.

In no particular order:

So there you go, my top ten (that I could think of right now anyway. My short list of music downloads helped me)

Rate em or hate em.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Oldies are generally pre-1970. 1950s and 60s are widely classed as 'oldies', and that's just the popular music, not including the various other genres that existed at the time too. Stuff from before the 50s is generally identified by genre (and the two biggest were jazz and big band)

    Here's the original version of Witch Doctor from 1958, and yes, that's David Seville as in 'Alvin and the Chipmunks':


Most Helpful Girl

  • Where's bohemian rhapsody?

    • Bohemian Rhapsody as been played a little too much lately for me to have put it here. It's been played to the point of wanting to break the computer they're using to play it.

      But otherwise, I would have put it on the list.

    • This song never gets old for me.. :)

    • Well, I'm glad for you ^-^

      I wish that were still the case for me.

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What Guys Said 8

  • House of the rising Sun
    Louie Louie
    Bad moon rising
    All along the watch tower
    I am an island (?)
    You're so vain
    The Times, they are a Changin
    The guitar man
    Hotel California
    American woman

    At-least a couple of those are technically classic rock, but still...

  • I remember Eiffel 65, great video :P

  • Great myTake... Men Down Under just brought back some old memories. That was the first time I've ever seen the video.

  • Well I don't think these are really oldies when I think oldies I think way back. They are pretty classic or old school though

    • Heh, yeah I knew they probably wouldn't be oldies for some people, but they feel like it to me. I would have put a few of my other favorites but I couldn't remember what they were called or who the producer was. Those ones were from CDs I'd gotten from somebody that were like the hits of 1920 or something.

    • Try butcher pete by roy Brown

    • I don't consider them oldies unless it's like 1920 - 1960 if it would stay that way it'd be so much easier to find good ones

  • Awesome. I also liked Toy Box as a kid, does that ring a bell?

    • No they don't sorry. Looked em up but they aren't recognisable to me. I might just be a few years too young ^-^ that or they just didn't play much or at all here in Aussie.

    • That could be they were mostly a hit in Europe!

  • Oldies? Some of these are from the 90's! Oldies are 50's-60's man.

    • Well they're oldies to me. And I know they aren't all old, they just feel old to me. Like, I've known them for so long that they feel old.

  • American Pie and I Want to Know What Love is are the only songs from that list that I like.

    • Fair enough, we all have our tastes.

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    • Haha, well fair enough then. I hope you give the rest a go! See what you think, you might find a new (or old, however you see it) favourite!

    • Yeah, I'll check out a few of them!

What Girls Said 5

  • nice i really like down under too!

  • Seniors last year in my school's pop show sung this as a farewell. I almost cried because my crush was graduating (He was in it), and going into the marines. It was also so beautiful.

  • There should have been some Bon Jovi, Gun N' Roses, Queen, Journey, Nirvana, and Beatles in there. I'm in the process of listening to your song choice right now. I hope their as good as they look!

    • Well, Bon Jovi is in there. I made the list off the top of my head, so there are definitely more qualifying songs out there. But I do love these, and I could have sworn I chucked Hey Baby in there but apparently not.

      I hope you like them.

  • Did you grow up in the 1980s?

    • I was born in 1997 actually. I just like a lot of older songs. Not a fan of the new ones, they all sound the same.

  • You hit right on the nail...