5 songs that make me feel nostalgic.


I was nominated by @CherryRoseChampange to make a list of the 5 songs that fill me with Nostalgia. And I've scraped together a few songs that come to mind that make me remember the good old days of having no responsibilities. :)

So I present to you...

5 songs that remind me of my childhood!

1.) The Pretender - Foo fighters

My dad had originally introduced me to this band when I was 8 or 9 (I can't remember too well)

It's actually one of my favorite songs, and The Foo Fighters are the first band to get me into 90s and alternative rock.

Dave Grohl is one of my favorite artists cause he's such a cool guy in person.

2.) Tight Rope - Janelle Monae

When Spotify first came out I was exposed to so many more artists. I would browse and browse and I eventually stopped at a person called Janelle Monae. We would play tight rope off of our knock off eMac computers. We'd dance the right rope all the time, and it got me into her other albums as well.

Shit was fucking awesome, I especially love her song "come alive" since her music is such a gaggle of different genres that it makes listening to her interesting, fun, and certain songs (tightrope being a prime example) remind me of when I was more expressive of what I like as a child.

3.) Dragon Ball theme song - Dragon Ball

Not gonna lie to you. I'm one of those guys.

I've always loved the original dragon ball to death. And the dragon ball theme song brings back memories of going to my grandparents house (since my grandparents had cable and we didn't) and would just watch Dragon ball on whatever channel my older brother had set up for it. I was introduced to dragon ball through dragon ball z kai on Nicktoons, and proceeded to watch dragon ball as a start.

I am not a severe fan of it, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I get super nostalgic for this song.

4.) Do ya thing - Gorrilaz

When I was a kid I had a very small grasp of what Gorillaz was, I just enjoyed their music and listened to it all the time when I was 7.

My older brother had introduced me to them, and I remember liking the music videos (even though I didn't really understand them)

I remember I would play this song on a giant MP3 player I had as a kid.

5 songs that make me feel nostalgic.

Looked exactly like this.

And my mom would occasionally get mad at me for turning it up so loud.

Either way it's a very memorable part of my childhood, and I believe it's actually responsible for broadening my music taste, since Gorillaz doesn't have a specific music genre.

5.) Live and Learn - Crush 40

It's a very basic song, but I believe it's the first song with lyrics I actually enjoyed. I think I was about 5 or 6 when I listened to it.

I used to hate songs with lyrics because I like the melodies of songs instead of the singing, but live and learn was the first song I unironicly enjoyed listening to. And listening to it now would Rev up the Nostalgia mobile once more, for a good while anyways.


And that's all, I'll nominate a few people and be on my merry way.





5 songs that make me feel nostalgic.
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  • CherryRoseChampange
    Yaaaay!!! I really like this! Haha took me forever to get to it!! I adore all the choices!! Thank you so much! haha
  • ATuairiscean
    Good mix of songs - I like The Foo Fighters
  • Anonymous
    Nice take