Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

There's a lot of good songs that came out of the 90's, some rock and some not. I'm a big fan of a lot of songs, bands and artist's from the 90's. However, rock will always be my favorite genre of music. So, I complied a list of some of my favorite rock songs from the 90's. Some of these bands have more then one song I like, but I just put the one that's one of my favorite's. And, one of these songs isn't necessarily rock but, I took a risk and put it on the list anyway.

So, here's my list.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Under the Bridge (Year 1995)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

2. Radiohead- Creep (Year 1993)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

3. Blur- Song 2 (Year 1997)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

4. Lit- My Own Worst Enemy (Year 1999)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

5. Len- Steal my Sunshine (Year 1999)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

6. Toadies- Possum Kingdom (Year 1994)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

7. Spacehog- In the Meantime (Year 1995)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

8. Alice in Chains- Man in the Box (Year 1990)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

9. Bush- Comedown (Year 1994)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

10. Live- I Alone (Year 1994)

Favorite Rock Songs of the 90's

That concludes my list, feel free to share your thoughts on my list and what your favorite 90's rock songs were.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • YES! I love these songs (and I know you have more takes on 90s rock so I won't rant on the missing bands lol)

    My favorite song to head-bang to in the car is Spoonman by Soundgarden. Came out in '94.

    My favorite song (from my favorite band too) from the 90's would be Everlong by Foo Fighters. Came out in '97. It has a great story behind it, interesting music video, and catchy too. Overall a great song.

    My favorite slightly less known song of the 90's is from Neutral Milk Hotel, a truly great band haha. I would say Aeroplane over the Sea, but that is not super rock sounding, so I'll list Holland 1945 for here.

    • Thank you for not ranting lol. And, I don't know that song from Soundgarden but I do like their song Black Hole Sun. I don't know much about the Foo Fighters except one of the guys from Nirvana is in that band. The other band I've never heard of.

Most Helpful Girl

  • "woooooooh we're halfway theeere WOOOH LIVIN' ON A PRAYYAAAHH take my hand we'll make it I sweaaar WOOOH LIVIN' ON A PRAYAAAHHHHHHH"

    "With the liiiights out , it's less dangerouuuss
    here we are noon ENTERTAIN UUUUUUS
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now; ENTERTAIN UUUUUUUS"

    *bows and waits for applauses*


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  • Albatross - Corrosion of Conformity
    Stoner Witch - Melvins
    Arrow - Candlebox
    Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck - Prong
    Her Black Wings - Danzig
    Come Touch the Sky - Trouble
    Come Out and Pkay - The Offspring

  • Great take but... No Pearl Jam?


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