iPphone 6 - Good and Bad

Everyone is now getting iPhone 6's and they've mostly all said that it's great. Well I just got mine so I'd like to share some pros and cons of the product. 😊

iPhone 6 Pros

1. Very good quality camera

2. Volume level goes much higher than anything else

3. When searching apps to download you are given the best ones automatically

4. Text size can be even smaller/bigger

5. Everything on phone is more organized

6. Better and clearer quality on everything (not just camera)

7. You can see when someone reads your text

8. There are certain apps for only iPhone

9. You can unlock the phone with your finger

10. Most phone cases are for iPhone anyways

11. There are built in apps for helpful tips

12. You are able to see downloading apps easily and quicker

13. Easy acces music changer

14. Flashlight works extremely well

15. Emojis look a lot better on iPhone's

16. If already so many people are cravings for one then maybe it's worth it

17. Phone can be put on silent with a switch

iPhone 6 Cons

1. You can't remove apps from home screen

2. It's s hard to get used to after using android

3. Most apps cost more money on iPhone

4. Doesn't show battery percentage

5. Websites look much different than on an androidIphone 6 - Good and Bad

6. There is sometimes no exit button on screen

7. Uhhh I don't know I can't think of anymore

So yup that's everything really. Therefore, if and when your looking for a new phone I truthfully recommend this one. :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pretty much any flagship Android phone:
    1. Very good quality camera

    2. Volume level goes much higher than anything else, and if you know how you can modify it to go even higher sometimes

    3. When searching apps to download you are given the best ones automatically

    4. Text size can be even smaller/bigger, font can be changed, etc.

    5. Everything on phone can be organized and arranged however you would like it

    6. New phones are starting to have QHD now, and most flagships in the past few years have had 1080p displays

    7. You can see when someone reads your text in certain messaging apps

    8. There are millions of apps and widgets only for Android, and abilities that an Android has

    9. You can unlock the phone with your finger, your face, by knocking, etc., who knows

    10. Tons of Android cases out there, and they aren't at all hard to find

    11. [How is the OP's version of this number even a pro]

    12. You are able to see downloading apps easily and quicker, you have a file explorer, and a download manager, etc.

    13. Many music playing apps that you can choose from, with lots of features (I prefer Rocket Player)

    14. Flashlight works extremely well

    15. Emoji styles can be downloaded and they can be changed

    16. If already so many people are switching to Android then maybe it's worth it

    17. Phone can be put on silent with a touch, wait do you really need to silence your phone that much? Ever heard of vibrate?



Most Helpful Girl

  • I love iPhone tbh, and I've only paid for one app which was 99 cents.

    1) You can move apps from home screen. You can't delete them from any of the screens all together but you can move them.

    3) Most apps (if you really wanted it) that cost can still be gotten for free on iphone.

    4) It does show battery life. Go to settings and turn it on lol.

    5) web designs are usually better but they don't look that different tbh. Some just optimize for mobile/desketop view.

    2) It's not hard at all for me to use Apple after android. I use both. Iphone for primary phone and android for secondary.

    6) The home button is the exit button. Actually, what do you mean exactly?


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What Guys Said 9

  • your pros:
    1. galaxy s6 is better
    2. not really (besides in a noisy club you won´t hear any sound on any phone)
    3. nothing special
    4. nothing new to android
    5. not really... ios get´s more and more complicated while android is as clean as you make it (customizability)
    6. just like any other new flagship device
    8. every app store has it´s exclusives
    9. just like s6 (besides it sucks on both phones)
    10. so what? you only need one
    13. what do you mean? i-tunes sucks ass!!
    14. really nothing new
    15. really is this what you choose you phone for? you can change them on android by the way...
    16 ... yeah ever heard of "marketing" people want it because apple does excellent marketing. this is why you get worse hardware for the same price (since marketing is expensive)
    17 yeah that´s kind of cool, but it´s only a klick and a flick on android too so that isn´t very different.
    18, easy disasembly (no glued parts)

    your cons.
    1. you can pile the ones you don´t need in a folder though
    2. why on earth would you want an iphone if you use android?
    3. well you could jailbreak it but it´s complicated and annoying to do.
    4. what are you talking about? it shows even on your sample picture! xD
    6. this is an overall problem on ios. buttons in apps are not uniform and sometimes all over the place. luckily there is a hardware back button on android
    7. you are guaranteed to have to buy a new phones after 2 years since apple dropps all support for the older phones and even a lot of apps stop working (old os won´t allow them to run)

  • Hey, just so you know on the iPhone 6+ you can set the phone to show the battery percentage. So I am guessing you would be able to do that on the iPhone 6 to.

  • If you want to show the battery percentage go to settings and general and then usage or something, depens on which language, there should be a battery in percentage option. You can delete app from homescreen, and the message thingy works only if the other person has recipt on in messages setting

  • But it can show you the battery percentage on the iPhone, go to settings - general - usage and turn on the "battery percentage" feature.

  • My biggest con: the price. It starts at € 673,97 (with 32 Gb) in this country

  • It's showing the battery percentage in the picture you used!

  • I've dug mine so far. Overpriced, but syncs nicely with all my apple devices

  • ı love iphone series and plus


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  • I'm reading this on my iPhone 6. 😁

  • My phone shows battery percentage? And it showed it in the picture as well.

  • Honestly, androids do the same thing for way cheaper.

  • nice! I love my 6+ so much! <3

  • I rather just get the IPOD.

  • "You can't see battery percentage"
    On the image shown above you can.

  • wht ever u people say apple company product are worlds best

  • I was debating between the iphone 6 vs. the galaxy s5 or s6.. I ended up going with the Galaxy s5. Would of went for s6 but it had pretty much the same features anyway, important ones rather. At work, they give us the brand new iphone 6, and I didn't care much for it. I'm glad I went with the galaxy.