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Why We Should Go Back to the Family

Why We Should Go Back to the Family

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

- Anthony Brandt.

Being raised up in a traditional Asian background, family was very much important to me. I loved my family above everyone else, and I always tried my best in school to please my parents. I also became very much like a combination of my parents and grandmother without really knowing it - I inherited my mother's determination and piety, my father's intelligence and humor, and also my grandmother's class and tact. Things weren't easy, of course. We've had our ups and downs, but happiness encouraged us and hardships strengthened us - we all learned together.

My teachers very much liked me because I was very discipline, and I always treated them with respect and sincerity. Other kids, however, were usually more rowdy and harder to control; some of them never really took school seriously. Actually, having just said that, I realize this reflects how much their parents were devoted to them. Teachers are in a very similar position to the parents.

I actually think that most interpersonal problems have their roots in the family. If you can't love your family, how can you love anyone else? Blood is thicker than water no matter how you look at it. You can bury your family in your work, your love, your children, whatever, but it will always come back to haunt you. Of course, there are dire circumstances like when the parents are abusive or negligent. But even then, you should always make a lesson out of it: Never be like them and create the family you dreamed of.

Traditional Vietnamese families always emphasize duty in helping the family out and loyalty to one's parents as though it ought to be instinctive. Right now, I am in Vietnam, and I have noticed something very different compared to the West. There are no begging, homeless people. Everyone works unless they are seriously disabled (which I have not yet seen). They make work out of everything; there's always something to do. Whether it's working for their country, friends, or family through selling fish, transporting packages on motorbikes, or sweeping the streets, they're always working their hardest.

"Society itself is the aggregated structure of family units. Individuals are very temporary as planetary factors—only families are continuing agencies in social evolution. The family is the channel through which the river of culture and knowledge flows from one generation to another.

While religious, social, and educational institutions are all essential to the survival of cultural civilization, the family is the master civilizer. A child learns most of the essentials of life from his family and the neighbors. ~ The Urantia Book"

Say "I love you and thank you for raising me" to your parents. Trust me, it will mean a lot even if they don't show it.

Why We Should Go Back to the Family

Why We Should Go Back to the Family
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Most Helpful Guy

  • circlebill

    This was an excellent take! It's a much needed "back to basics" concept that is becoming lost in a tide of selfish individualism. The family is the basis of everything we may hope to become or achieve. It is the base that brings us into life and nurtures us up to some level of possible self-sufficiency.

    The "family" concept extends far beyond to form the actual basis of ALL human potential! The building blocks of humanity are:

    1. BIRTH FAMILY - Parents who cooperate to raise their children.
    2. CLAN - Relatives (by blood or marriage) who cooperate for mutual benefit.
    3. TRIBE - A larger grouping of unrelated Clans who cooperate for mutual benefit.
    4. NATION - Two or more Tribes that cooperate together for mutual benefit.

    Every time we stray from the concept of "Family", we multiply our troubles and suffering at every level! Most of our human problems at every level come down to selfish individuals who don't care about others. The principles given in your take are the keys to a better world! Thanks for sharing!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • inamorata

    Feminism degraded our families. They are dysfunctional and falling apart left and right because mothers think they aren't worth anything unless they become fathers.
    So they half ass his job as women, lose love for him because he now seems useless to them and they grow tired and insecure and then leave him 50% of the time.
    Children grow up in a family with no father and a mother who thinks she's a father. What do you think we'll grow up to be?

    Americans spent ages trying to figure out why Japanese school system does better than theirs. They imitated it for years until they finally realized it's the nurturing of the stay-at-home mothers set as support to be able to handle stress, and the hard work of fathers set as example, that guides young people to outperform American students by a long shot.

    Feminism destroyed our family, thus our support network. It's up to the younger generations to wake up as soon as possible and fight to stop it from completely taking over.

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    • KhaysunDei

      Then take a lesson: Don't ever be like them. Even if you have to earn the bread for the family, come home everyday and treat your family with absolute love and devotion. Shame your bitch of a wife into doing the same.

    • KhaysunDei

      WOOOOOAAAHHH WAIT A MINUTE, I thought you were a guy sorry sorry sorry.

    • KhaysunDei

      forget everything I just said in the first comment.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Shutupman

    What about the overpopulation? Besides what is important depends on what culture you are from.
    I do not believe that blood is what binds people, there are friends of mine who I trust more and regard better then members of my own family. But I do respect your view!

    • KhaysunDei

      How is this related to overpopulation?

    • Shutupman

      Starting families --> more children --> bigger growth of the human population

    • KhaysunDei

      Is that suppose to be a problem?

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  • genuinlysensitive

    I think you are right and that many things good and bad come from family, especially parents. The only thing is people in the west are so obsessed with "Let them live their life however they want." that they are afraid to criticize, or even suggest that there might be a better way.

  • Klara-Hitler

    This should be promoted for weeks and weeks :) instead of some childish rants about body and weight that I see everyday appearing on the side of the site.

    • KhaysunDei

      Oh, don't worry, I have plenty of myTakes just waiting to be written out! I already made one titled "How to tell a person from their eyes" just yesterday.

    • that is nice.

    • Spot on response!

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  • CityBoy773

    This is so true for good families that are actually families. But for those who were raised in dysfunctional ones like mines, this is not even close to true. I'll say I love you, cause I do, but I won't say "thank you for raising me" because I mostly raised myself. Every moment that a child learns through family, I learned through observation and people not related to me, but considered family.

    Its at a sad point now where my friends are closer to me than my blood family. I honestly think loyalty, honesty, and trustworthiness make up a family, not blood. Blood just makes you good donors to each other.

    If there's one good thing I learned from them that will carry with me throughout life, its the consequences of certain things in life. How actually going to college will matter, why I should wait and marry before popping out kids, why I will graduate high school, why I should get a license and a car, take care of myself, stay healthy, keep credit clean, etc. These are not things I learned from seeing the good in all that. I learned from seeing the terrible consequences of it all.

    • jacquesvol

      Indeed, the 'family' can be just a nice idea. It can also be hell or nothing at all.
      I'm not sure there are that many ideal families.
      Friends can be chosen.

    • jacquesvol

      I got my master's degree despite my family.

    • CityBoy773

      I like the fact that I can choose my friends. The friends I have are great people and I love my buddies. I was raised where you are pretty much on your own, so I am very loyal and will protect my friends when the time comes, fuck being on your own.

  • boatfullofpeace

    I especially like that you wrote "Of course, there are dire circumstances like when the parents are abusive or negligent. But even then, you should always make a lesson out of it: Never be like them and create the family you dreamed of."
    For those of us in dysfunctional families, that is good advice. Family leaves permanent impressions on us. Whether they are negative or positive impressions, they can always be turned into a positive lesson or put to good use. Great take!

  • WhatTheHellAmy

    Well, I would like to think that family is the most important thing in the world, sadly my parents got divorced, and for me, my family is totally broken. I think about myself before I think about my family, I know that the day I live by my own I won't try to miss, I will try to hold my tears if I want to cry, because for me, there is no turning, not even for family. I'm only after success, and many times, family stops you.

  • Eternallylucky

    Thanks for the article. I do agree family's important because it's what holds the glue. Without it there would be chaos and dross everywhere. I don't understand why people have families when they don't like kids or are interested in having a family unit. It just ruins the future of the next generation.

  • Keyspirits

    Ofcourse! Ur poosy buddys won't die for u '-' only ur family will die for u cuz y'all live and grow to together through thick and thin. Their is no bond stronger than your own family. If u become friends woth meh, i leave that Asian boi little butt behind but if it was ma little bro, i'd put ma deek on the line for him 😎

  • bananatossing

    Great take man! Love and union in the family is definitely the most important thing we must work on in our life, seriously. If we let media and other people destroy our family core then what's going to be for the rest of our lives? Work your relationship with your wife/husband, work on your children's values and education and you'll be realized by the end of the day.

  • abundantlyrich

    I might take a peek into this Urantia book one day :)

    Family's a good thing as long as we can afford to have kids and they are here because we want to REAR them and have TIME for them. I don't really see a lot of quality families anymore. People tend to have them because of stupid reasons like when they turn 30, their parents want them to make babies and because everyone's having them.

    Two or three kids are ok. Four or more is disastrous.

  • muspelhem_5

    That depends on your family. There is no reason to put your family on a pedestal, especially if it is dysfunctional. Sure, try to make it work, but don't waste your life on ungrateful people that don't do you good.

    Disclaimer: My family is pretty decent. Pretty great a lot of the time, actually :)

  • ThatBritishLad

    I mean ties are destined to break, especially in the modern world, but whatever.

    • KhaysunDei

      Yes, iron ones will break. Ones made of love will last unto eternity.

    • Christ almighty, that hurt to read...

    • KhaysunDei

      I'll bring holy water next time :D

  • Primrose

    I am surprised you are saying there is not begging on the streets because I was in vietnam for 3 weeks and traveled the coast. There were so many children begging and I got chased by them at once with my uncle and sister. Has it changed that much in 8 years?

    • KhaysunDei

      Yes, it has. Even the disabled and crippled work on custom bikes to sell stuff.

    • KhaysunDei

      And it really depends on where you are, but I assume you are a foreigner so many people will follow you.

    • KhaysunDei

      And I will be here for 1.5 months.

  • Phoenix98

    Family like god is the alpha and omega the beginning and end, all things begin and end with those two things.

  • jacquesvol

    The idea of going 'back to the family' originated in a primitive agricultural society without social security.

    The economic function of the family was replaced by hired labor, health care insurance and retirement pension. still has this role in most 3d. world countries.

    • jacquesvol

      @KhaysunDei A good take!

    • The family unit is also meant to offer emotional stability as well as the expression of affection and love - something which a state can't offer in the same sense.

    • jacquesvol

      Emotional stability and love are now transferred to the household

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  • ClauseViter

    I fucking despise my family. I mean don't get me wrong I love them. I just can't be around them.

    • KhaysunDei

      Leave them and create a better family.

    • That's the plan.

    • KhaysunDei

      I believe in you :)

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  • PippiL

    They really are the most important thing in the world!

  • Azara

    community is more important than family and more important to family than family is too family. without community you're screwed:)

    • KhaysunDei

      Wrong, families make up communities. Imagine a community without families and you get Lord of the Flies - anarchy.

    • jacquesvol

      Many people I know were seriously screwed by their family.

  • Not_Helping

    This is corny!

    • KhaysunDei

      And you're very stupid like a dog that barks with no bite. Now get out.

    • Figleaf

      Lol young man, if those are the kind of dialogue skills you learned from your 'family', I'd rather have grown up working in a rice paddy all day drinking Saki with my dad and praying to Buddha for rain.

    • KhaysunDei

      @figleaf Lol young man, if those are the kind of dialogue skills you learned from your 'family', I'd rather have grown up working in a CEO office all day drinking Coca cola with my dad and praying to Jesus for money.

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    i agree whole-heartedly ♡

  • thetundrawolf

    Wow man... good words. Thank you for this.

  • AmberDawnxo

    Lovely take. It was very nice :)

  • springocelot

    Very nice take!

  • chocolateismylover

    So true dude !

  • Random_chick_2384

    Love your take!

  • Anonymous

    i agree with u and most Asians are family attached people.

  • Anonymous

    Family is very important. My wife stayed at home and raised our three kids. I did my part by bringing in more money than even two people. My kids are doing great and we are very happy. I can see that there will be a resurgence of extended families as the economy struggles. 100 years ago grandparents, parents and children lived together. That is happening again but may not last. So many F'ed up families though caused by poor choices and selfish people but the people in them will blame others for their failure or demand that others take care of them and their kids, pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Women in the west don't care about family, not really--they're worried about being "fulfilled" and successful. Maybe through a career. Or maybe by using "family" as a benchmark or tool for fulfillment. They don't understand familial love today. Too selfish, too Self-absorbed.

    Not that men are much better. But given it's women who have control over family life, marriage, and divorce, it falls on them.

    • KhaysunDei

      Then take a lesson: Don't ever be like them. Even if you have to earn the bread for the family, come home everyday and treat your family with absolute love and devotion. Shame your lazy wife into doing the same.

  • Anonymous

    Why we should stop telling other people how to live their life


    Because blood is 92% water

    • KhaysunDei

      You can live your life in whatever way you want, I am a firm believer in capitalism or every man for himself. But what sort of life do you want to live, I ask you?

    • KhaysunDei

      And your goddamn, dumb fact didn't even disprove anything of mines. Blood is STILL thicker than water.

    • Anonymous

      You have NO sense of humour jeez... how lame.

      Yeah, but not that much thicker. If family is shit, there is no reason to respect it or try to keep it together.

      Also my life is my business.

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