Summer spirit 👌😆

I am doing a myTake about, yep you guessed it, Summer!!!

I have noticed not many people are totally psyched like a stoned hippie when it comes to summer, so here are a couple reasons why you should be jumping off the walls !!! 0.o

1. No more hell a.k.a school/work

So when summer comes it means there is no school for some people (me including) which means no waking up early or going to bed late. No more avid notes, cramming for tomorrow's test, rushing to get out of bed and in to "appropriate" clothes (which is really just bedhead, sweats a t-shirt/tanktop and maybe just maybe a hoodie).

No more taking short cuts to go to work because you know the boss is gonna be mad (I dont have a job, I just bum off the folks, but I'm guessing the boss goes on vacay during summer or you do). This also means no more eating crappy cafeteria food, dealing with insignificant airholes who aren't your friends, or dealing with unnecessary drama and a grumpy overbearing teacher. For all these things you dont have to deal with over the summer, give thanks!!! You can now sleep late!

2. More Fiestas/ partayyy timeee

Gone are the days your parents say "You can't stay out so late, it's a school night!" Now they will have to find another excuse as to why you cannot stay out so late (haha :p) No school nights mean vacations, and not just for the kids but for parents. Since the parents are gone, there will be more time for parties and pulling an all nighter. So instead of sleeping in you can have more chances at bonding with teens your age that you don't really care about at social events like bonfires, small gatherings, parties,movie night, birthday parties, sleep overs, or just a guy/girl night out with the squad!

3. You can go on vacation !!! Or if you are too busy amd insufficient funds..then do something funn!!

Mmkay, so last year we went to Jamaica and it was so fudge amazing !! This year I am planning to chill in the pool with my homegurls and just get things together.. If you dont have money for big plans get a couple of your buddies and hold a mini bonfire, go to the park and make a picnic partayy more then one), chill at the mall, or save money together and get the squad to go to a buffet once in like 2 or 3 weeks to just unwind and talk about school or graduating. If you do have money but not enough flr a plane, do a roadtrip, lr sightseeing in your city, you can uncover all sorts of things in your own city if you try. There will be so much things to do when not in school!!

There are more reasons why you should absolutely positively be happy for summer and deem it as a gift , but im too lazy to write the other stuff :/ But you get to swim, throw parties or attend one, re invent yourself and your morals for next school year, chill with the fam and homies, eat better food and prepsre yourself for a looong dragging winter!! Maybe even go to the beach or go to the fair.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Careful. Don't get sucked in to the drunk girl party life. There r more meaningful ways to spend ur time. Ya go to a few parties, ya get drunk every once in a while but do things that will set u up in life. Volunteer, shoot for an internship, get a job, make something, write something, sculpt your body. Summer is 3 months of self reflection. Don't just waste ur time raving with the squad.

    • Lol.. I dont drink... alcohol in my opinion is not goode... although the things you listed are fun, im not old enough for any of those things xD 😊😊

  • summer is amazing :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Im taking a summer course so the
    "no school"doesnt apply to me :/ but great take though. I love it! 😊