Women in motorsport

Motorsport is one of the world's biggest money earners besides football and a few other sports.

Unfortunately unlike a lot of sports motorsport is predominately male oriented. Is this a problem? well yes in my view there are a lot of great talented girls & Ladies out there that want to race but a lot of race teams are reluctant to give them seats in their team formula 1 being the most common.

Thankfully there are lower series teams that are actively supporting them in the likes of the BTCC support series, as a motorsport fan I love to see new female faces mixing it up and to be honest at the moment some of my fav's include

Hannah Chapman – Celtic Mini cup – Ladies Champion 2014 UK

Hannah's a great inspiration to young ladies wanting to enter motorsport she often responds to her fans on Facebook and has a great sense of humour and calls her Mini Cooper race car Lola which she also often mentions in her posts on her fan page and shows pictures of

Sophia Florsch – Ginetta G40 Juniors UK

women in motorsport

This girl is only 14 and could not race in her home country of Germany but instead of giving up on her dream's she moved to the uk and Joined the BTCC support package and the ginetta's which are probably one of the most popular Support races in the BTCC for the fun destructive nature of these races and also to see talent like Sophia's and the others develop.

I know a few others but to save the take being very long I will keep at these 2 lovely young ladies there others I also follow as well

While these lower level teams and series are taking the likes of young ladies and developing them into talented racers , there are still others out there that are opposed to women racing and come out with horrible comments “Like women can't drive at that level” but again thankfully that view is slowly dissolving like a Alka-Seltzer tablet with a lot but being replaced with as I say the above statements like “Reluctance to give them a seat”

Should stubborn teams look at a female racer in something like F1? Yes in my view it would increase the number of female race fans for starters something its been fighting for years and with numbers still falling and likely to continue is it time?.

And for the boys who would not want to see a pretty racer girl on the grid?

What's your view more girls in motorsport or less and do you want a girl in something like F1 or a touring car series ?

Sorry if this take is not brilliant but I am improving my already ok English with a English level 2 grammar refresher course in sept 15.


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  • If they have the skill I see no reason why they shouldn't race in the big leagues, however they should not be admitted for the sake of admitting female racers.

    • I completely agree , to just let any female racer into a big series just because they are a girl is wrong it's a bit like verstappen in F1 only reason he got a licence is because of his family relations.

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  • "And for the boys who would not want to see a pretty racer girl on the grid?"

    I hate how female athletes and professionals are valued based on their appearance. What has their face got to do with their talent? They might not be "pretty" at all. But still talented.

    • Fair point I accept it but guys could argue the fact that girls and women objectify the male altheltes i. e for example footballers by going he's hot etc regardless of the fact they are talented and professional.

    • Yeah but it doesn't happen nearly as often. And media doesn't do it as much either. Also you guys objectify female athletes. After all you wrote the sentence I quoted.

    • I will accept the criticism for that.

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  • Elite racing teams put the best driver they can find in their vehicle, regardless of sex.

  • I see no reason why women can't compete in motorsport. However, non
    have been competitive that I've seen. Danica Patrick is the current woman
    de jour in motorsport and hasn't done shit in NASCAR. She puts asses in the
    seats and bucks in the bank. Stewart-Haas is providing her with top notch equipment.
    by the way, they get their engines from Hendrick Motorsport, the most powerful and dominant organization and there's no reason she shouldn't win. For whatever reason, she doesn't.