Why More Women Should Take MMA


Why more Women should take MMA

In this wonderful time of health-consciousness, there are a million and one ways for a woman to stay in shape. There’s yoga, zumba, crossfit, biking, weight lifting, and of course, there’s always good old-fashioned jogging. For health minded ladies, there are options in droves. But here’s one cool method you may not have thought of: mixed martial arts.

Why More Women Should Take MMA

Yes, MMA the simple but savage combination of wrestling, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, jJud, and so many other magnificent martial arts. In the past, it may have resided on the male dominated end of the sporting spectrum, but now, thanks largely in part to the UFC and it's awsome woman fighters. MMA now belongs as much to girls as it does to boys. Interested in trying it out? Let me tell you why you should.

Why More Women Should Take MMA

Obviously, MMA provides an unbeatable way to stay in shape. It's striking facets, based in Muay Thai, western boxing, and kickboxing, will transform you into a cardio machine, and chase away unwanted pounds like nothing else.

Its grappling components, rooted mainly in Brazilian jiu jitsu, Judo, and several forms of wrestling, will improve your strength and flexibility like you won’t believe. When it comes to fitness, few things rival a foray into MMA. But the benefits to practicing this rapidly growing sport doesn’t end there.

Why More Women Should Take MMA

Learning MMA will also provide you with tremendous peace of mind: just imagine walking down the street knowing that, barring a scuffle with Wonder Woman or a Super Saiyan, you can handle pretty much anything that comes your way. There’s a profound comfort in knowing you can protect yourself, in knowing that you can lay somebody out with a well timed punch or a kick to the body, or neutralize an attacker with an effective submission hold or throw.

Why More Women Should Take MMA

When you pursue mixed martial arts, that comfort and peace of mind is yours to enjoy 24/7. Yet the benefits of learning MMA extend far beyond the physical. Yes, it’ll have you looking like a bronze statue in no time. Yes, it’ll turn you into an ass-kicking warrior woman, should the situation ever call for such action. But as a result of these physical perks, MMA will also provide you with a confidence you didn’t know you had.

Why More Women Should Take MMA

With some practice under your belt, you can walk tall knowing you look very good, and that you can take care of yourself if needed. That’s a amazing feeling espeacially for a female.

Why More Women Should Take MMA
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  • rebelsunshine
    I used to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a gym that also offered Muay Thai and MMA classes.

    The BJJ was intense and i felt sore all the time. I have a bit of cauliflower ear on the top of my right ear as a souvenir from the 9 month period I trained regularly there.

    They gym was very sparse and bare bones. It was basically a warehouse space with wrestling mats, punching bags, and a few other pieces of equipment. There were two unisex bathrooms, no changing rooms, and no showers or lockers.

    The guys I trained with were a diverse crew in terms of age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background. A fair number of us had watched the movie FIGHT CLUB when we were younger. We all wanted to improve ourselves as men, and man's most masculine virtue is his ability to fight.

    I was amazed women came and trained with us, but they did. Women of all stripes, but there were some real Amazons among them. They grappled in the same classes, partnered with other women primarily but the odd girl and guy would get matched up too.

    I last sparred in 2016 while visiting a friend who lived in New York. One of the opponents with whom I "rolled" was a female from Brooklyn who was an inch shorter than me, and perhaps 20-30 lbs lighter. But my advantage in strength was neutralized once I was winded, and her skills were surprisingly good. She came close to forcing my submission, but I just couldn't allow it. We ended as a draw.

    So that's what I have to say, about women and MMA.
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    • Honey I been looking for you
      I got a stripper Question featured.🎉🎉🎉

    • BJJ is "the gayest sport there is" according to the TV show, _Emily's Reasons Why Not_, which could be why it killed Heather Graham's career.

    • Happy to see you
      Is a stripper the same as an exotic dancer?

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  • clampfan101
    I love heroines more than heroes! Strong girls ftw!
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    • Thanks

    • Cuteness, mature elegance, and bodybuilding strength are all sexy in different ways. It’s also possible to have a mix of them.

    • DJZest


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Most Helpful Girls

  • JosyJosy
    I love these screenshots so much.. But you're right, it's not physically alone that you grow :) I find the mental thing more important above all
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  • Schrodingerscat
    This makes me want to join it 😍

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  • Massageman
    Good take. Fitness would the primary reason for any MA training with the confidence and fighting ability a close second and third.
  • Bananaman177
    Make sure you focus on grappling over striking, especially as a beginner.

    Just trust me, your beginner's grappling will get you out of most of the scrapes that your beginner's striking will get you into.
    • Judo we really don't
      It's positioning for throws and take downs I'm struggling
      I keep getting hands to the face deducted to be specific
      ( For trying to cover the airways) off reflex..
      Is that even breakable? Seems like eye gouging to me
      And thank you for that was really helpful actually

    • If you can't get enough distance, get closer instead.

    • Yes thank you
      Wish you would message me or vice versa sir

  • Suefit1
    I believe skill rules. Conditioning and experience second. Strength next
    With the proper tools a smaller person can surprise the **** out of a bigger and even stronger person. Takes time though. I do the kick boxing more for cardio but Id surprise someone if needed lol.
    • Killing the body miss

    • dont listen to wowgirl. she's a bully who tried calling me outon my mma knowledge and embarrassed herself. she said south paw was a made up media term that isn't used in fighting, she also said wrestling isn't part of mma. what an airhead

  • Trippintfout
    Everything you said is great... except walking into work injured. Every emp I have had over the last ten years who gets into it at some point breaks a nose, black eye, fat lip, face cuts, and one girl broke her hand. I’ve never gotten into it because of this. Can’t hurt yourself trying to help yourself...
    • @Trippintfout I've been through a lot I just don't volunteer negatives

    • @englisc show me a professional job you can show up with facial injuries and I’m in

  • spunkygiraffe
    I do Karate, I'm pretty intimidated by the idea of doing MMA, since sparring could be very dangerous. Perhaps the competitions on TV are just getting to my head, it looks intense when it comes to professional championships.
    • I wouldn't know on a pro or semi pro level at all my love. Most injuries happen during training though probably 90%. Don't watch TV❤️ make your own movie in your life

    • Okay! :D Also, I see that stuff on youtube, I can't actually watch TV, XD, no satellite dish or whatever.

    • I don't watch much is media and folklore

  • ImJustCurious13
    I think gym class in public schools need to teach kids MMA, and think everyone (especially women) should at least consider taking a fighting class to be better prepared for thin unforgiving world we live in.
  • SirRexington
    MMA is a great workout ( a bit tiring for me though, bad stamina) and it's confidence boosting like you said.

    I've been doing martial arts since I was little and did really well when I was boxing. Nearly won a state championship. I've known women who took martial arts, my last instructor had 3 daughters, 2 of which would have beaten my ass. 1 of which was younger than me.
  • BatuhanBuber
    I don't watch MMA or something like that. Not interested but my two girl niece going Taekwondo and they have 2-3 medals. It's good to see girls, womans interested martial art and learn how to defense yourself. Because these days we live in a very shitty world.
  • Femdomina
    I practice martial arts and I like MMA. Very cool MyTake.
    • Shydude91

      Wow my type of girl, you are a Goddess, you would never have to use your fighting skills against me cause i know my place and it's at your feet Queen.

    • @Shydude91 I adore you and your love
      This girl needs put in place though
      She gets too much if not lol

    • You too love thank you

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  • humor_me
    I think it is awesome when gals do this kind of thing and learn to defend themselves. Not only is it a good way to work out (aside from the beating on your body of course) - but you can be more confident when you are out and about. Nothing pleases me more than to see a gal drop a would be rapist or stick a gun in his face and watch him mess himself.
  • AynonOMouse
    Many men that don't exercise and only know a little about fighting could still whip an MMA trained woman easily.
    Still, her being in good shape and knowing some moves is much better than not doing it and could help against the weak guys, but not much against the normal ones.
    Here's my favorite female fighter. (Yes I admit, mostly based on looks)
    Tiffany Van Soest
  • GreatnessBack
    I think every one should learn martial arts, it's great for everything.

    However, on self defense, try to never be in that situation. Dude can have a knife, gun, more people and then where's your hand to hand now?

    Always try avoid that situation.
  • PrettyRegular
    It's fun to watch, but I'm not intrested to do it myself. I can't wait untill the Wowgirl versus Nurmagemadov match. You would destroy him and then you both run into the crowd and beat some people. 😃
    • @PrettyRegular Wowgirl10q vs Diaz Brothers

    • That would be cool too. What do you think about that McGregor vs Nurmagemadov episode? I think it was cool how they had a little fun after the match.

    • @PrettyRegular McGregor Is a disgrace to MMA
      He should stay In boxing
      he's the Brock Lesner of The UFC

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  • passinby
    I have been in enough street fights and had enough blood and stitches to know training is a good thing. BUT still avoid if you can control your ego. I would find it fun to spar with a woman as long as she signed some papers and I didn't go to jail.
  • kamalravi25
    She should know
    MMA for 1 to 1 combat defence.
    and karate, kung fu etc for group attack defence.
    So that she can protect herself from molesters, dominators etc.

    • I fear stand up fighting or I am not at all confident in it
      I do need help in that area greatly.. agree...100%
      Would take Kung Fu or Ty style happily

    • , guys she's not attracted to...

  • Goldenskies6
    Wow 😀

    How, much are the classes? And how long does it take to master up? 😶
    • Classes very. it's a sport that is endless in mastering

    • It's my therapy

    • Does it involve getting bruises? Sounds intense 😶

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  • CubsterShura
    I used to take kungfu classes before and oh boy it made me so much more fit in body and confident in mind! I had to leave it because it clashed with my studies, now I go to gym but I surely wish to get back to martial art when I get the chance.
  • Wifflesnoofer63
    It's funny to see women training so hard and actually thinking that they could stand a chance against a man in an actual fight. Ronda Rousey, on her best day, could be taken out by most 40 year old fat guys.
  • kiram
    Yes anyone should follow their own passion. I feel women are becoming more muscular with years.
    My girlfriend can easily choke me out
  • Logorithim
    Excellent training, I agree, also for the mental benefits. Very good Take.
  • NineBreaker
    I agree 100%. Women (and men; therefore everyone) should learn MMA or some kind of effective martial art, but also do so with a big emphasis on maintaining an honor code.

    If I ever have kids, I would want them to learn MMA. If I am the father or one or more daughters, I would encourage them to learn MMA. It's a great way to stay fit, as well as teach self-discipline.
  • LeoElias
    Women should definitely know how to kick ass. Prevent the awful things weirdos want to do to them and no longer become a victim
  • Sweetheart64
    I think it's more important for women to learn self defense for protection, any trained fighter knows on the streets that you're suppose to diffuse any situation and not just straight up kicking ass.
  • ItalianGuy777
    Well women in some ways are better at MMA because I have seen them be even more brutal than men Gina Carrano used to beat her opponent's asses so bad and I loved it
    • They don't feel out each other the way men do
      Women rarely rarely go full fights
      It's more of a Clash of the Titans style

    • They want to kill each unlike most guys the guys usually just want the win but when you put 2 girls in there they are like savages

    • Guys fight smarter and like you said to win
      I noticed just the past few weeks how different it is sparring with a man compared to a woman.
      Just the pace alone

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  • RayBandz
    I'm not saying that some women who are like men but born in a female body can't beat a regular punk male, but when it comes to a real man, no matter how much MMA you learn, don't ever try it unless you wanna fall unconscious or with broken bones.
    • What is 'real man', a coward with a gun in his hand and covering on his face that has no idea how to even pull the trigger?

    • Shydude91

      @CubsterShura Real men don't hurt women.

    • We don't have to defend outselves against real men then. Chill.

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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Other than these posed pictures women would still lose to men
    • Suefit1

      It only takes one kick to knock out a man or a woman. A well trained women can generate a ton of force more then enough to knock out a man and visa versa. Yes men generally are bigger stronger faster which is a advantage. Skill rules. It is possible I could catch my boyfriend with a kick and knock him out even though he is bigger and stronger. He dont know much about fighting MMA or have the training.

    • @Suefit1 please be quiet while the men are speaking. You're just being rude

    • @Suefit1 I've been waiting for you.🙂 In a good way beautiful Fitness Miss. Nice to meet you

  • Redstang88
    It’s great exercise, and doesn’t hurt to learn as a last resort but honestly I’ve seen a lot of women get a false sense of security from it. Simple biology dictates that most (not all) women cannot take on most (not all) men. The best defence is still to run, regardless of training.
    Not putting it down, just saying people need to keep expectations realistic
    • It’s not actually unrealistic to say a smaller person can defeat a larger person, it happens quite often even if skill levels are the same. Obviously that doesn’t mean that the smaller person will always win but it’s highly inaccurate to say that the smaller person doesn’t stand a chance.

      There’s no denying that size matters but there are many other factors involved aside from size and skill that determine the outcome of a fight. Like fluidity, speed, state of mind and environment.

    • @ADFSDF1996 For fuck sakes, how many times are we going to go over this?
      I didn't say they didn't stand a chance, I said its not the best idea to try.
      And men and women are different, you put a man and woman the same size with comparable training, the guy will win.

    • “I said its not the best idea to try.“ I never said otherwise, unless it’s in a controlled environment (sports).

      “And men and women are different, you put a man and woman the same size with comparable training, the guy will win.” I never said men and women are the same, I know they are different. However, you are wrong when you say that in a fight between and man and woman of equal skill, the man will always come out on top. There are plenty of occasions where the woman comes out on top, albeit the chances of that are lower.

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  • I'd rather do Krav Maga than MMA. MMA damages your body, especially the brain, because of the blows you take.
    • Does Krav Maga have sparring or full contact competition. in my opinion, without that, any MA is pointless to learn for self defense.

    • Wammu

      Ah yes, Krav Maga. . . . I remember this artist who thought she could kick my ass because she took Krav Maga a few times. Meanwhile I was going to the gym every day, then I took MMA.

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  • Skateranon
    I did mma for four years and it's was really fun. I got a bunch of fucked up ligaments and an ear because of it.
  • Petitelight
    The whole point of martial arts is to use justification of martial law, is the mind body & soul at harm? Am I able to exit the situation without conflict... No one wants to get hurt and those who practice martial arts or prior military know to keep it closest to level zero, bringing it back to that level without causalties, due hard to either party
    Worry not ladies, stay strong, and train on..
    Maybe we may spar one day!!!
  • Rcjh1987
    My husband knows quite a bit about different types of the art. I don't care to learn probably would feel different about if it wasn't talked about all the damn time
  • Ruchisingh
    well i never went for MMA, but it was my dream, but my parents didn't allowed , i learnt shaolin Kungfu, , 3E combact system, pekiti tersia kali, muay chaiya.
  • isweatergawd
    Females please train primarily in BJJ. Kickboxing because most females are flexible. In street fights 7 out if 10 fights end up on the ground please learn bjj first before any striking styles. If u take any of these options please make sure they spar and actually make ur opponent fight back to see which move works
    • dont listen to wowgirl. she's a bully who tried calling me outon my mma knowledge and embarrassed herself. she said south paw was a made up media term that isn't used in fighting, she also said wrestling isn't part of mma. what an airhead

  • SkipStop
    I'm a martial artist. Very very happy I decided to learn it. I thank my 4th and 5th grade bullies for it. They are the ones who made me want to get revenge by beating them up in ways that did not require more strength. It's a great sport for everyone. I got healthier, stronger, aware, confident, everything you mentioned. And martial arts is not all about fighting your opponent. It also includes basic skills that you should know for yourself. Like how to fall and roll without hurting yourself, flexibility, balance, etc. Using your mind to trick your opponent and get a head start on your defense mechanism. I had plenty of fights in school and won every fight thanks to martial arts.
  • Pamina
    I like martial arts, though I'm not sure which one I'd choose.
  • orangecherry
    Im not in MMA but I have taken self defense course and my brother (boxer) taught me how to fight and gives me tips. I hate feeling helpless and I do not want to be an easy target just because I am a girl
  • JustaDumbDuder
    Even as a guy I think it's a great idea as it has helped me a lot. I just train sparcly with friends and occasionally a professional but just going through the basics in at home training helps tremendously
  • thatsjustme1
    Women should do krav maga. It focuses on attacking weak spots and get the fight over as quickly as possible.

    So it does not require lots of stamina or strength.
    • Benedek38

      Krav Maga is a joke. Sorry. Show me someone who has effectively utilized Krav Maga, and wasn't an overbuild pile of muscle that could snap your neck in a second?

    • @Benedek38 dont listen to wowgirl. she's a bully who tried calling me outon my mma knowledge and embarrassed herself. she said south paw was a made up media term that isn't used in fighting, she also said wrestling isn't part of mma. what an airhead

      krav maga is one thing that karolina kowalkiewicz started in, but wowgirl wouldn't know her. what a doofus bully she is

  • DJZest
    The strongest MMA girls are weaker than the weakest male MMA fighters; there is no comparison.

    That being said, I agree that MMA skills can be useful for girls to obtain.
    • dont listen to wowgirl. she's a bully who tried calling me out on my mma knowledge and embarrassed herself. she said south paw was a made up media term that isn't used in fighting, she also said wrestling isn't part of mma. what an airhead

  • ATuairiscean
    Yes a great workout and a solid grounding in self defence
  • GuiltyGuinness
    why not? what stopping you, if your passionate about it, go for it.
  • Eternallylucky
    It would be good for self defense when encountering nasty situations
  • WhoDatGuy
    I'm not convinced. Women be cray cray enough already. I don't want some girl who could punch my head off
  • TonyMetal86
    Miss owl girl, what you said about the mma is true but that doesn't mean that with mma a woman won't need a man anymore to protect her...

    Second, you provided some pictures that i didn't like because it shows female dominance over men, in mma, i never saw mixed fights, even ronda rousey didn't accept to fight with a man...

    I'm not saying that some women who are like men but born in a female body can't beat a regular punk male, but when it comes to a real man, no matter how much mma you learn, don't ever try it unless you wanna fall unconscious or with broken bones...

    If women can learn some self denfense techniques while keeping her feminity, there is nothing wrong...
  • WhereAmI
    We're you a guy in your former life? I don't know too many women who get excited over MMA sports. lol
    • I have a theory my testosterone levels are high for a female

    • That's also why I'm taller and can't multitask I think

    • WhereAmI

      Do you feel the need to hit inanimate objects when you get angry?

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  • theshyestman
    They can do whatever they want. They are entitled to that. No one can stop you from doing so.
  • jmstarling
    Seems like girls most love barefoot sports, anyway.
    ~ Mrs Manson
    • You can't have a name like Wowgirl respectfully
      And not be in shape 😎 lol

    • Nik1hil

      Mrs. Manson you should consider this suggestion of Wow girl..
      She always knows what is talking about,..
      He has huge experience with life..
      Compared for her young age..

    • @Nik1hil she's a great girl
      Just trial and error is the only difference
      And thank you for that sir

    Nice take
  • SuhDudez
    I really want to try MMA.