Welsh City Phrases

If you ever speak to a Welsh person, you may find them saying things that don't make much sense or you will read their sayings as their literal meaning. Well this is your guide to "Wenglish"; English phrases used and created by Welsh city folk!

1. Not gonna lie to you

Used before someone states something.

"Not gonna lie to you, the bus is taking ages to come."

2. Not being funny

Used before someone says something opinionated or potentially offensive.

"Not being funny, but your mum is mad."

3. Tidy

This word is used to describe something that is good.

"Your shoes are tidy."
"You've done a tidy job."

4. Chopsy

If someone is chopsy, they back chat a lot and are generally cheeky towards others. If someone is being chopsy, "chopsing" is used to describe what they're doing.

"I've never met someone so chopsy!"
"Stop chopsing!"

5. Alrigh'?

An alternative of hello and it isn't a question, just a greeting.

"Alright, mate?"

6. Thanks, Drive

This is a common courtesy type of saying. Here in Wales, when leaving a bus, you always say "thanks, drive" to the driver, who has been nationally named, "drive".

7. Tamping

If someone's tamping, it means they're really angry.

"She broke my phone, I'm proper tamping!"

8. Humming / buzzing / minging

For some reason, these words have become words to describe something that is disgusting/smelly.

"My socks are humming today!"

9. Ych a fi (This is Welsh, not English) Pronounced - uh-ka-vee

A Welsh term to show disgust. Similar to saying "that's gross". Its literal meaning is "yuck".

"Ych a fi! Your hands are filthy!"

10. Now in a minute

What Welsh people say when you ask them to do something. It means they'll do it after a few minutes or when they've finished doing what they're doing.

"Boss: Can you come clean this up?

Employee: Yeah, I'll be there now, in a minute."

11. Butt

Butt has two meanings; the meaning you're thinking of and the Welsh meaning for mate or friend.

"Alrigh' butt?"
"Oi butt, coming out?"

12. Cwtch

A cwtch is the Welsh version of a cuddle.

"Gimme a cwtch."

13. Mitch/mitcher

A mitcher is someone who skips work/school or other commitments.

"Adam is mitching, miss."

14. Grampy/bamps

What Welsh people say to address their grandfather.

"How's your bamps?"

15. Ta

Ta is a shorter, more informal version of saying thanks. Often said on its own.

*Waiter passes them a cup of tea*


16. Bare

This word exaggerates what's being stated and/or is an alternative to "really".

"This queue is bare long."

There you have it! If you ever visit Wales, keep this guide in mind so you don't get confused and don't forget to thank the bus driver! :)

Welsh City Phrases

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  • How can this be? I've never met any Welsh person in my life but I'm familiar with a lot of these phrases/connotations 😱


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  • The first two get used a lot where I live in Canada lol

    #12, how is that pronounced?

    • It's like gooch and dutch mixed together, if that makes sense. Cootch.

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  • But it's not in Welsh language...

    • If you read it, you'd see the sentence which indicates that they're English phrases used and created by Welsh people.

    • But they should create phrases in Welsh language... how can I know they are really Welsh?

    • There are Welsh phrases but I don't know much Welsh. You would know if they were Welsh.

  • Im from Texas people "thank" we got southern drawls but most texans don't talk like that and I bet my bottom dollar that there's a lot of people who dont speak wenglish in welsch


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