How to Stop Procastinating

Procrastination is something I have dealt with for almost my whole life. I can never seem to do things unless I have to. Here's how to deal with having a Procastination problem:

- Don't tell yourself that your stuff is not running away because you're stuff is not going to run away obviously, but your time is ticking; your time is running away.

- Decide that you don't just want to do mediocre work last minute, you want to do quality work last minute. In order to do quality work you have to work harder and longer. This way... You can't tell yourself that you're going to do amazing last minute so you have to work hard to be amazing.

- Tell yourself things that you don't want to happen. Give yourself consequences. Sometimes, it's the only way. You have to give yourself a really bad consequence and then next time you'll try to avoid it by not Procastinating.

- Procastinators are lazy. Do you want to be seen as a lazy person? No. Do you want to be seen as a slob? No. Think about how people think you're lazy and a slob and you'll want to stop acting like that.

This is all the stuff I do to not Procastinate. I hope this helped.


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  • When you are doing work , don't feel that you are tied down to it. Know that you can take breaks if you want to but you are just choosing not too.
    I also just got this advice from a youtuber, she gave this example: If studying in the library makes you procrastinate, then go to the cafe.
    Anyway, and listen to or read motivation words in the morning. It helps.