Political Correctness: Why we should get rid of it.

I recently posted a question referring to the Instagram "row" between Kylie Jenner and Amandla Stenberg over a hairstyle. I want to write a shortish MyTake on how we should get rid of Political Correctness (PC) altogether.

Political Correctness: Why we should get rid of it.

"PC is destroying the very fabric of society. Never before in history have people been so afraid to stand up against absurdity for fear of being labelled a racist, a homophobe, or a bigot. Get rid of PC. Let's get the people talking again."

Let that sink in.

"Politically correct - A term used for whiney, overly-sensitive pansies who need everything sugar-coated for them".

You know what this reminds me of? It reminds me, of course, of my initial question regarding the Jenner vs Stenberg feud! How Stenberg, "over-sensitively" overreacted to someone's new choice of hairstyle.

We need to step away from the "I don't want to offend anyone" and start speaking our minds.

Before you say anything, ask yourself this: Is what I'm about to say deliberately intended to offend?

If you’re intentionally trying to offend someone, then ok, keep your mouth shut because your intent is to cause harm and do no good.

However, if you have something to say because it’s what you truly believe…it’s who you are…it defines you THEN SAY IT. Don’t be a jerk about it, but stop stop walking around on egg shells being a shell of yourself. Why are you worried about offending someone who’s only concern is their own feelings because they are too immature to respect the fact that you have a right to think, feel and say what you want according to your own beliefs and values.

It’s your right to say whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s your right to speak an opposing viewpoint to me or anyone else. However, it is NOT YOUR RIGHT to silence me or anyone else just because you’re offended by what I say.

Safe to say, I totally disagree with transgenderism. I do not wish them harm, but I justt don't believe they are even traped in another body. I think Bruce Jenner is doing this transition solely for the purpose of media attention and money.

P.S This site has to be the worse site for Political Correctness. It seems every time someone says something controversial, or something someone doesn't agree with, they get insulted and ridiculed. Fact is, like I've stated above, people are allowed to speak their word/opinion so long as it doesn't insult/attack someone on personal terms.

If you disagree with someone's opinion just AGREE TO DISAGREE and move on.


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  • Occasionally, it has a place. But it's gone way overboard now. Many people don't even know how to use 'racist' anymore.

    It's so bad, that Jerry Seinfeld said on a radio show once, that many comedians he knows don't even like performing on college campuses anymore for fear of reprisal.


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  • Heston pretty much nailed it, I never cared for political correctness and I for one don't care for it as for the racist, a homophobe, or a bigot thing well I've been call all 3 on at least 6 different occasions because of my views. But you know what -shrugs- I don't care, it's not that I am actually being any of those things I am simply speaking my mind and people don't like it.

    what you truly believe…it’s who you are…it defines you THEN SAY IT

    Do that everyday, all the time, ain't ever going to stop either.

    • I also agree that we should get rid of it entirely.

    • I've been called of those things too, it's a horrible sensation.

      I too haven't got time for people who won't respond to my views appropriately, i. e insults...

      My ex was Christian and I'm Atheist, so you can imagine how some arguments were very heated. I dumped her for this too, I just couldn't handle being belittled every time we spoke about religion...

    • I'm a christian as well, but I try to avoid arguments and even debates with atheists it never ends well with either party. I agree though it isn't the best feeling, but that's the world we live in sadly

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  • You will always offend someone, it's impossible not to. And sometimes it's necessary to be politically correct just to avoid offending a person/gender/race/group altogther. Political correctness is EDPECIALLY necessary in the news and business.

    • We don't owe the people who can't take a joke and get offended about something the majority do not any special treatment.

    • Owing is not the same thing as being considerate

  • If you are wrong, people will try to make you realize that you are wrong. But getting offended over it is just immature, so I actually somewhat agree.


What Guys Said 5

  • Yes! Exactly! It's scary to exist In a culture where we begi to spiral out of control because it's "insensitive" to speak up or disagree.
    I think it's a new form of controlling the people. morally right and morally wrong have been replaced with politically correct and politically incorrect.

  • If I see someone who is a liberal/feminist/atheist/democrat/progressive/lgbt/etc. I just block them because I know they will only down-vote most of my opinions and constantly reply to me trying to start an argument. If one of them insults a conservative/religious user I report it, every time. Don't give them any attention, don't apologize for hurting their feelings, just mock them and then ignore them.

  • PC = " Newspeak " from George Orwell's 1984 , a book & movie which gets more relevant with each passing year !!

  • political correctness is in every society. You can not just simply get rid of it. I don't agree that political correctness is why our society is falling apart. I think policy is what matters. political correctness is a very minor issue.

  • "Is what I'm about to say deliberately intended to offend?"

    I never tries to offend anyone, but people get offended anyway when I don't agree with their point of view.
    What really pisses me off, is when people block others based on political/religious views or when people denies facts or protest the introduction of facts.

    Many want to express their opinions, but few cares about reality and facts, often they tries to bully by ridiculing their opponents - oddly enough left wing liberals, feminists, politically correct people (pro gay, pro choice) are the worst bullies ever.

    • Look at the pro-LGBTQ mob for example. Here in the UK, during pride week, a group led a group hating on Muslims and their own Holy Month... it wasn't even shown on the news!

    • I automatically block those bullies. I'm a straight white conervative Christian male, I've heard their bullshit all my life, why should I continue to sit here and let them spout the same shit at me? It's like listening to a broken record.

    • I hear you @creepycreeper , nevertheless blocking others simply based on there point of view is not a way of supporting free speech. If they are buggy you sure, if they are antagonistic report them, if it's just an exchange of views it should be ok, otherwise you would be incapable of participating in any kind of debate.