Men of Desperate Housewives: Who's Your Favorite?

Who was your favorite guy on Desperate Housewives, list your favorite.

1. Mike Delfino played by James Denton (Seasons 1- 8)

Men of Desperate Housewives: Who's Your Favorite?

Spouse: Susan Delfino. Children: M.J. Delfino. Step Children: Julie Mayer

2. Tom Scavo played by Doug Savant (Seasons 1- 8)

Spouse: Lynette Scavo. Children: Preston, Porter, Parker, Penny and Paige Scavo.

3. Carlos Solis played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Seasons 1- 8)

Spouse: Gabrielle Solis. Children: Juanita and Celia Solis.

4. Rex Van de Kamp played by Steven Culp (Season 1 with appearances in 2-8)

Ex-Wife: Bree Van de Kamp. Children: Andrew and Danielle.

5. John Rowland played by Jesse Metcalfe (Season 1 with appearances in 2-6)

Mistress: Gabrielle Solis.

6. Orson Hodge played by Kyle MacLachlin (Seasons 2-8)

Ex-Wife: Bree Van de Kamp. Step Children: Andrew and Danielle.

7. Lee McDermott & Bob Hunter played by Kevin Rahm & Tuc Watkins (Seasons 4-8)

Spouses: They are a gay couple and are married to each other.

8. Andrew Van de Kamp played by Shawn Pyform (Seasons 1-8)

Parents: Bree and Rex Van de Kamp. Sister: Danielle.

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  • Nobody.______


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  • Mike! 😩💔 He was the best husband to Susan and was there for her no matter what. I still can't believe they killed him off 😠 Tom was good to Lynette, but too clueless lol. Andrew was unbearable for the first few seasons but I started to like him once he got his life together and realized that Bree deserved better. And I loved the chemistry that Carlos had with Gaby - they made me laugh the most!

    • Yeah, I was ticked when they killed Mike off too.

    • It was awful and kind of unnecessary - he and Susan had been together for so long and been through so much, and for what? I definitely cried during the last scenes where everyone who had passed away showed up.

    • Yeah, that was sad.

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  • Dude Carlos all the way!


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