Men of the O. C. : Who's Your Favorite?

Which guy from the O.C. was your favorite?

1. Ryan Atwood played by Benjamin McKenzie (Seasons 1-4 )

Men of the O.C. : Who's Your Favorite?

He's the bad boy from Chino who's eventually adopted by his defense lawyer Sandy Cohen and his family. He also has a romance with Marissa Cooper and eventually Taylor Townsend.

2. Seth Cohen played by Adam Brody (Seasons 1-4 )

He's the dorky guy who becomes best friends with Ryan Atwood, when he moves into their house. He's also madly in love with Summer Roberts, who does eventually end up with.

3. Luke Ward played by Chris Carmack (Season 1 )

He's the rich jock and Marissa's boyfriend and then eventually ex-boyfriend.

4. James "Jimmy" Cooper played by Tate Donovan (Seasons 1 & 2 with appearances in 3 & 4 )

He's Marissa and Kaitlin's dad and Julie's ex-husband.

5. Sandy Cohen played by Peter Gallagher (Seasons 1-4 )

Husband to Kirsten Cohen. Father to Seth and Sophie Cohen. Public defender and eventually adoptive father to Ryan Atwood.

6. Zach Stevens played by Michael Cassidy (Season 2 )

Summers boyfriend for awhile in Season 2

7. Johnny Harper played by Ryan Donowho (Season 3 )

The surfer guy that befriends Marissa, at her new high school.

9. Kevin Volchok played by Cam Gigandet (Seasons 3 & 4 )

The bad boy surfer that Marissa shacks up with for awhile.

10. Trey Atwood played by Logan Marshall - Green (Seasons 1- 3 )

Ryan's older trouble making brother.

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  • Omg, this brings back so many memories, I loved The OC so much! I always adored Seth, he's such a cutie, but I really liked Ryan too.


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  • I always loved Adam and Ryan - but I've never watched this show.

  • i've never seen an episode but from those pictures maybe the last one

  • Ryan


  • Seth all the way.