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Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

This take doesn't really have a specific point, just something I thought would be fun to write about. So, please feel free to share out of these men who was your favorite and list any I may forgotten. Thanks. :)

1) Inspector Andy Trudeau played by Ted King (Season 1)

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

He and the Halliwell sisters grew up together and he was Prue's high school sweetheart. They ran into each other many years later, after Prue just discovered she was a witch. He died at the end of Season 1 trying to save Prue from a demon.

2) Dan Gordon played by Greg Vaughn (Season 2)

He's an ex baseball player and the Halliwell sisters new next door neighbor. He and Piper eventually start dating, but break up after she realizes she really loves Leo. Dan ends up moving away at the end of Season 2

3) Jack Sheridan played by Locklin Monroe (Short time in season 2)

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

Works at Bucklands Auction House with Prue, they have a brief romance. They break up at the same time she quits her job at Bucklands.

4) Cole Turner played by Julian McMahon (Seasons 3-5 with an appearence in 7)

He fronts as an ADA of San Francisco, but really he's a powerful demon named Belthazor who ends up falling for Phoebe. They have very complex relationship and he gets vanquished by her in Season 4 after becoming the source. Comes back in Season 5, only to be vanquished by Phoebe permanently.

5) Jason Dean played by Eric Dane ( Seasons 5 & 6)

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

He's the new owner of the Bay Mirror where Phoebe works as an advice columnist. They are insistantly attracted to each other and eventually start dating. She even moves to Hong Kong with him for awhile but their relationship ends when he finds out she's a witch and they decide to take a break.

6) Richard Montana played by Balthazar Getty ( Short time in Season 6)

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

He's apart of a rich magical family who has a feud with the magical family across the street, which is how he meets Paige. She's working for the other family as apart of her temp jobs and helps stop the feud between the two familes. He and Paige start dating and she even moves in with him for awhile but he becomes addicted to magic. So, Paige makes him a power stripping potion which he takes but due to her being a witch they have to break up if he truly wants to be free of magic.

7) Agent Kyle Brody played by Kerr Smith (Short time in Season 7)

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

He's an FBI Agent with Homeland Security, said to be there to bust the Halliwell sisters. When really he just wants their help in stopping a group called the Avatars who he believes killed his parents. He and Paige end up falling for each other and date for awhile, but that ultimately comes to an end when he's killed by one of the Avatars.

8 ) Drake played by Billy Zane (Short time in Season 7)

He is an ex demon who made a deal with a sorcerer to make him human for one year and at the end of it he has to die. He ends up teaching Phoebe that love matters and not to give up on it and they both fall for the other but don't get a chance together because his time is up.

9) Dex Lawson played by Jason Lewis (Short time in season 8 )

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

He is an artist who works up stairs in the Bay Mirror. He ends up getting into a relationship with Julie Bennett a supposed cousin of Phoebe's, not knowing it's actually Phoebe. He and Julie marry due to a spell but when the Halliwell sisters decide to tell everyone they're actually alive. She has to show him that she was really Julie and he has a hard time handling it. They Eventually break up.

10) Henry Mitchell played by Ivan Sergei (Season 8 )

He is a parole officer and runs into Paige while she trying to help a future whitelighter which happens to be one of his parolee's. Him and Paige start dating then they get engaged and eventually get married. It's shown in the series finale that they end up having a son and twin girls

11) Coop played by Victor Webster (Season 8 )

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

He is a cupid sent down to help Phoebe find love but him and Phoebe end up falling for each other. She fears acting on those feelings because it's suppose to be a forbidden love but when it's revealed that he was sent by the Elders for Phoebe to have as her own and it would not be a forbbin love, they eventually end up getting married and having that little girl and two other little girls that she was promised in one of her visons.

12) Leo Wyatt played by Brian Krause (Seasons 1-8)

He posed as the Halliwell sisters handy man, but he was really their whitelighter and was sent to watch over them. He and Piper end up falling in love and having a very beautiful but difficult relationship, filled with many obstacles. They get married in Season 3. Have a their first son in Season 5 and have their second son in Season 6, then they encounter more obstacles. Until it's shown that they finally get to be together free and clear, growing old together with a house full of grand kids.

13) Older Chris Halliwell played by Drew Fuller (Season 6 with appearences in 7 & 8 ) Older Wyatt Halliwell played by Wes Ramsey (Appearences in seasons 6,7 &8 )

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

Chris- He is from the future to stop Wyatt from growing up evil and also becomes the Halliwell sisters whitelighter. It's eventually revealed that he's not just there to stop Wyatt from becoming evil but also there to get Piper and Leo back together so he can be born, because he's their son. He dies at the end Season 6 tryng to stop Gideon from taking Wyatt. Wyatt- He's Piper and Leo's eldest son and is very coveted due to being the child of a Charmed One.

14) Lieutenant Darryl Morris played by Dorian Gregory (Seasons 1-7)

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

He starts out as Andy's partner in Season 1 and continues to be in the series as a detective who helps the sisters out. He eventually gets up graded to lieutenant and has little fall out with the sisters. They get back in good graces and the last time he's seen is at the end of Season7 and in Season 8 it's revealed he moved back East.

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?

Charmed Men: Who was your Favorite?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • BarbaraP

    It's funny how 5 out of 14 were Phoebe's love interests. Such a maneater haha. I had a crush on Drake, I was so mad when he left, how could they create such a good character and take him away from us just a few episodes later? :(
    Coop and Leo were sooo sweet too.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • M_A_X

    Darryl was the only guy on that show that was worth anything if only because he wasn't a push over or on the show for sex appeal

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    • BarbaraP

      But he IS good looking

    • M_A_X

      Yes, but that's not ALL he was... which is one of the reasons that show was so damn sexist... because he was the only one lol

What Girls & Guys Said

  • LittleSally


    Drew Fuller =)

    I always thought inspector Andy was extremely unappealing. O. o
    But I'm glad the people that cast these things didn't just go for the obviously good looking dude. =)

  • red324

    I used to watch this show every morning and I don't recognize half these guys. Then again that must have been 5 years ago. I guess it was back when I was in college. can't remember. haha

  • 9mfeo

    I have always loved Chris. One of my first crushes ever!

  • Creativesmarts

    Cole (I hate how things ended with him.) :(

  • Creole_Flavor

    All of them I miss watching Charmed I was devastated when it ended

  • slavekimmy

    It's between Andy and Cole. I already know Prue was my favorite sister.

  • YusiBear

    I used to watch it with my mom and sisters, I didn't realize how many men the show went through.

    • M_A_X

      Oh yeah, it was incredibly sexist too. Go back and watch it again lol

  • WeaponZero

    Without a doubt, Cole.

  • crystalt70

    1, 4, 7, 9 & 10 were my favorites.

  • Deft_maiden

    Lots of eye candy fo sho. Mmmmmmm😉😊😀

  • QueenE7

    I really love Leo.

  • zombiebabe

    i voted cole!!!

  • Kiran04

    Cole = badass

  • Alkimo206

    My girlfriend has a massive crush on Drew Fuller.

  • ejx629

    Cole, he was also my favorite of Phoebe' guys.

  • Agnus

    Cole Turner <3

  • Anonymous

    Leoooooooo and Cole. I can't pick just one.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Chris and Cole!!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely Cole.