Rock music from the Benelux

The Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) is quite small but there's good quality of rock music. Here below just a small selection. Maybe you know these bands already and otherwise you know some new good bands. Enjoy listening these music.

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  • nice take!

    among those i know only Hooverphonic (they used to be called Hoover right?)... not good wid modern music tbh.

    by the way do u know Videokids, Front-242 or 2 Unlimited? they were electronic/dance mostly... not rock.. but they were from these countries :D

    • Thank you!

      Yes indeed they called Hoover in the beginning.
      2unlimted i surely know I think my first was of this group.

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    • don't know it... actually i don't know many songs of 'em... but their album "cut" was pretty good.. mostly coz of their song "twilight zone"

    • *probably their most known song

  • Not a huge fan of rock but if it was on radio or music TV channel would listen - The last song "Gravity" is really good.