10 best Ambient and Relaxing Songs for Homework/Work

Hello everyone and Welcome, to my Top 10 list of the best Ambient and thought inducing songs for be it homework, scripting, or just relaxed day dreaming. Also in this list we will be focusing on songs barely anyone knows of. I will go in no order aside from the final and all songs are beautifully orchistrated and have saved me many times from jamming my head against a key board while scripting. At the request of a few followers; let's get started :)

10. M83 - Starwaves

This track is M83's pride and joy boasting a very emotionally inducing track, that might make you think far too hard on something, it is absolutly wonderful to solve singular problems. It was also in the Movie Oblivion, which is the only Tom Cruise performance I can really respect :P

9. Lightscape - Cold

With repetitive beats and beautiful highs as well as lows, you always feel at ease when listening to this track. Though slightly generic in the beginning while picking up tempo and amazing quality, I still wonder why no one has heard of this song.

8. Killigrew - Timeless as the Waves

Though extremely easy tempo, this song gives you a sense of relaxation, even though you may be cramming for that Test tomorrow. Killigrew in a majority of songs include excerpts from Alan Watts so you may hear his voice come at the end.

7. Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind + Jonah Wei-Hass Piano Cover

This I just had to include because it is one of my favorite songs. Makes you just feel happy and safe. It is unlisted on youtube so please be courtious with sharing...meaning you cannot find this particular remix of it without having the link or knowing the owner :)

6. Life is Strange OST - Main Menu Theme

So simple yet so powerful. Here is a song that doesn't focus so much upon the cruchendos. Though melancholic it makes me feel happy in a lot of ways. Perhaps I am letting my mind get some energy back or perhaps I just need to day to rest.

5. Killigrew - Deeper Still

Starts of extrememly quiet and ends in a cruchendo we have yet another Killigrew song on the list. All of my favorite songs start quietly then end in a beautiful show of rich sounds and melodies. A philosopher by the name Alan Watts who died in the 1970's voice shows up in this and it surprisingly enhances the music.

4. CMA - You're Free

At number 4 we have a track that exemplifies calmness. When you are up late and feel stressed just listened to this. It allows you to have that mental drive, you know, the one that keeps you from going to bed when you feel like giving up?

3. Killigrew - Hurt

Great for both homework and attempting to find your meaning in life is a song that amazes a lot of people with the beautiful lyrics and a tempo that allows you to think. With the assistence of the electric keyboard in this track is both humbling as well as alluring.

2. CMA - You're Alive

Slightly melancholic this song exemplifies stress relieveing from that big test tomorrow or speaking in front of the entire class in a week. Makes me think of floating through life. It contains a pitch beautifully enhanced by alternate tones as its main theme.

1. Ace Combat X Skies of Deception - Gaiuss Tower (EXTENDED) version

The song that inspired me to make my picture the way it is with 2 jets flying in the atmosphere...Last but Sure not least is a song that could not miss out on a list. This has the ultimate feeling for me personally of technologically advanced intelligence, so this helps when coding. Or conquering a ridiculous Calculous question also...assists with making you not want to brush your teeth with a pistol while doing math homework. My favorite video game of all time, (maybe its just me because this song combined with the game itself made it feel like you were actually doing something)...

Alright so that raps it up let me know in the comments if you liked or didn't like it. Also let me know if you want more of these types of my_takes from me. Later:)


Here is a little something if you wanted continuous music. You can always create a playlist of the above mentioned as well:)


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  • Last year I had a class that forced me to read 100 - 250 pages of font size 8 - 10 theory on religion every single week and I was bored and depressed and miserable from the course. To deal with my boredom - I listened to mozart for 3-6 hours of week cause its reputed to help you concentrate. Once the class was over, I deleted my subscription to mozart on youtube.


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