Canadian federal election

Believe it or not Canada is going to have an election soon it is actually sooner than that of the US.

October 19, 2015 is the day of the federal election

In Canada there are 3 major parties. The other 2 get barely any votes so I am not going to mention them.

The Conservative Party

Canadian federal election

It is lead by the current Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He has been Prime Minister since 2006. In Canada there is no term limit so he can keep getting elected till he dies. Harper has always been a strong supporter of Israel and most recently of Ukraine as well by being the first head of state to recognize Ukraine's new government. He probably did this because the second largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world is in Canada the first being in Russia. His environmental policy and treatment of aboriginals has been heavily criticized. However his views on international policy are shared by many Canadians and he still remains very popular.

The Liberal Party

It is lead by Justin Trudeau. Perhaps his name may sound familiar either because he wants to legalize marijuana or because you have heard of his father the former prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. For those of you who haven't heard of Pierre Trudeau, he was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada and was responsible for giving Canada it's own Constitution and giving Canada it's official independance. Before Canada gained it's constitution it was a puppet of the UK. Now there are many other things Pierre Trudeau did, enough to write a myTake but I'm here to talk about his son Justin. As the son of a Prime Minister, Justin has always been a celebrity. People tend to prejudge him by his surname since not everyone thinks as greatly of his father as I do. Justin is trying very hard to get out of his father's shadow but his policies appear very unclear. Other than being pro-choice, for the legalization of marijuana, wanting to change Canada's first past the post voting system and being anti-Harper (everything Harper does wrong he hopes to do the opposite) there's not much else I can tell you about him. The Conservatives have made an attack ad against him saying "He's just not ready" which seems quite accurate.

The New Democratic Party (NDP)

It is lead by Thomas Mulcair. He is the current opposition leader and is ahead in the polls as of this moment. He is a staunch critic of Harper and is part of the only party that opposes Bill C-51. Bill C-51 to put it bluntly is Canada's equivalent to the Patriot Act. It is very vague and gives the government a lot of authority. He promises to fix the economy, help protect the environment, lower taxes on small businesses, increase minimum wage, spend more money on daycares and many other things.

Now comes the confusing part.

Here is how Canada's electorial system works:

As of this year there are now 338 riddings instead of 308 as mentioned in the video.

Who would you vote for?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • This is the first election where I don't know who I'm going to vote for. Not the liberals because they are forcing 8 year old children to learn about anal sex at the elementary school. Not the conservatives cause they want to legalize marijuana and cut money from health care. BUT the NDP and PC have almost no chance of winning and I'd be wasting my vote if I voted for them.

    • I think you got a little confused there, the Liberals want to legalize marijuana not the conservatives.
      The NDP and the PC are the top 2 parties in the polls with the Liberals slightly behind.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Justin Trudeau (Lib) will be nearly 44 on election day.
    Brian Mulroney (PC) was 45 years old when he became PM.

    How was Mulroney “ready”?

    He had not run for Parliament … he won the Party’s leadership contest, becoming its leader. It is arguable that, while not the same, both Mulroney and Trudeau - both “young” - were by no means “inexperienced”.

    How is 43-45 considered “young”? That’s three times my age. That’s not “young”.

    • Trudeau's policies seem very weak in my opinion. Everyone I know that isn't voting for PC is voting NDP.

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    • I’m American. So … nope. :)

    • Oh I thought you were Canadian but regardless when you turn 18 you can vote.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm probably going to vote for the Green Party because I don't trust Mulcair. I hate Harper. I kind of like Trudeau but he's too young and doesn't have a set platform.

    • There's no point of voting for the Greens since they never get enough votes. At the end of the day the PM will either be Harper or Mulcair regardless.

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    • If he had more of a platform other than that I might vote for him. I really hate the Liberal Rep in my riding though. Absolute worst human ever.

    • The thing I hate about the Canadian system is that you vote for the party and not the candidate, so if the candidate for your jurisdiction sucks but you still want to elect a Liberal for PM you have no choice.

      I'd run for PM but the only way to win is to have your own political party and I completely oppose the idea of political parties.

What Guys Said 2

  • I think you should vote for whichever is going to make it easiest for an experienced outdoor instructor from the UK to immigrate... So not Harper, please.

  • Anyone dumb enough to antagonize Russia thinking it's just another 3rd world country is completely retarded.
    We can only have one nuclear war.

    • Russia isn't going to nuke anyone. NATO can be more supportive of Ukraine by providing weapons since Russia isn't going to do shit. Russia's already arming the separatists it's not like it's going to declare war officially.

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    • I'm sorry dude but i see no reason as to why Ukraine had to break apart so violently from russia as to actually attack them and it's citizens.
      Poroshenko even admits to bombing them: "we will have our children go to school, while theirs will be in basements"

      I understand not wanting to be part of the kremlin influence, but why kill russians for it? not only have you destroyed relations with a superpower that has support from china but you also killed their people, and for what? American influence over ukraine? they are not even giving you weapons. Hell of a influence.

      Not only that but this could also end in WWIII. And that WILL end in nuclear war with the world dying. Billions of people will die. I don't understand how you are not seeing this.
      Anyways, I'm going to bed. goodnight.

    • not citizens but people***