Are you truly happy?

Are you truly happy?

When I spend time with my loved ones....I am happy.

When I eat at my favorite restaurant....I am happy.

When I accomplish a goal in life...I am happy.

When I do an activity that causes enjoyment...I am happy.

But does that mean my heart has achieved true happiness?

All of which I described are temporary states of mind that are short-lived;

they cause the mood to feel slightly elevated.

Eventually, the "feeling of happiness" is replaced by other emotions.

Some of which are constantly with us.

The feelings that never leave, are the ones that show us the true

mental position we hold in our lives.


The interior of your soul is usually filled with nothing but sadness/anger/hurt.

These moods are only altered when you feel happy doing something

that causes you great pleasure.

Do you think you are achieving true happiness?

You are currently just benefiting from the short-lived state of mind

that will eventually

leave you;

It will lead you back to the negative feelings you usually harbor.

So, what is true happiness?

True happiness exists in oneself.

It is the contentment a person has inside of them

without seeking the approval of anyone else.

The things they cannot change, they accept.

The things they can to further improve in their lives, they do.

They truly accept and love themselves.

The imperfections that you have,

you do not dwell on them.

The negative experiences that you have had,

no matter how horrible they were you look for the positive

lesson(s) to take from them.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

The activities and people they enjoy being around helps

to further extend their happiness,

but it is the contentment that exists inside

their souls that ultimately fulfills them as a human-being.

In other words,

Doing the things you love can create a false illusion of happiness.

But it is the source itself (truly loving you) that equates to a all around self-contented individual.

So are you truly happy, or are you just experiencing a temporary state of mind?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm truly happy!

    Funny thing is, throughout my lifetime, I get vibes that some people dislike me, because I come off like I lived a perfect pampered life with no stress or worries at all, and they feel they can't relate to me.

    Far from the truth! I've been through more trials in life than I show (even on GaG ).

    But I don't let the negative stuff consume me. :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah I am happy.
    I am not searching happiness in perfection. But I was before. It was not good.

    Because happines is not mean everything is just perfect. It means you are happy even though there are some problems. You are aware of them ; it is just ok.


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What Guys Said 8

  • Someone posted an opinion. It was a little harsh, but I was going to up vote it because I agree with the sentiment. However when I clicked it, the comment had been removed by a moderator. It was still on the screen though, so I copy pasted it. It is a legitimate opinion that has real meaning, if anyone would care to actually read it and understand it.

    He said:
    "God this topic disgusts me. Typical ignorant white girl talk. "Happy Happy white land of sugar spice and alpha male cock"

    A little harsh, yes. But the sentiment is quite valid. It's saying that not everyone lives in a lily white world, with unicorns and rainbows. To many people, this comes across as flaunting a perfect picture book lifestyle in their face, "Look at how wonderful my life life is - too bad your life sucks so bad."

    Just making a point...

    • He could have done a far better job at expressing his opinion.
      The way in which he did it was poor.

      Every one knows life is not made up of perfection.
      That isn't the issue here.

      I'm just asking "are you truly happy" or not and giving the differentiation between "true happiness" and the "state of mind".

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    • Well if it was I will try to let admins put it back.

    • Maybe that way I can quit putting words in his mouth :P

      I'm not faulting you on your take by the way. I was just making a point.

  • For me it's complicated it really depends well I will say this the world I live in is all an illusion because of all the stuff that bothers me too much in it like fucked up topics and how wars are going on all the time I feel like I don't have a real home due to how we have wars and also I don't know my real parents so in some ways I'm usually not happy I just see life in many sad ways in this illusion world but it's a long story but in my world where I do belong I am happy all the time because that's where my real parents are

    • Thanks for sharing <3

      I hope you find peace even in this destructive world we have all around us.
      Knowing that the past cannot be changed, and moving forward is an important element.
      Also, accepting things the way they are and moving forward is another ingredient.
      Achieving happiness takes nothing but time, inner-searching , and work but it is worth it in the end.

  • I'm happy enough at the moment I suppose.

  • The short answer is no. If you want the actual in depth answer its one of my takes.

  • I would say yes I am.

  • When with my daughter I am very happy.

  • I have had a rough bunch of years. Am I really happy? Nope. Quite sad actually. But I have started to expect less, and work towards success, and just see where it takes me.

    I hope for happier days to come. I am 26 now, and I am single, financially not great, I really don't know what life has in store for me. I don't see the light any time soon. But I count my blessings and try to feel content about it.

  • I'm content with life. It could still get way worse and I don't want that so I'd rather it just stay where it is.


What Girls Said 7

  • I am not content.
    But, even though things are not as I'd like them to be in my life, I always try to remember that I am in charge of how I feel. I can choose to be sad my living in the past, thinking of what I don't have, what I could be like. Or, I can chose to be happy but realizing that bad things happen. I can be happy in the present, I can think of everything I have and everything I am.
    I watched a documentary once about people in a third world country. They make cups out of clay all day to earn 20 cents. They're living in squander, they don't have food and the water they drink makes them sick. Yet, they're smiling and laughing and totally happy.
    Why should we be unhappy? We have so much and it's still not enough?
    Amazing take. I really liked it.

  • i am not really happy :c... the missing parts :'(

  • I'm definitely not miserable, but I'm not truly happy either.
    I know I could change that, but getting out of my comfort zone scares me.

  • No. I am not happy in my life because I am not happy with where I am in my life. Very informative take by the way.

  • Happy times yes, but true happiness definitely not

  • No, I personally am not happy because there is nothing I enjoy about my life right now.

  • I am so stuck. I don't talk to this guy and he doesn't follow me on any social media. He is just so gorgeous and I don't see him too often. He posted his number online and I saved it. I want something to happen. He knows who I am, but I am so torn between not texting him saying I don't know what, or just waiting for something to happen. I'm not so happy.

    • Okay , you are speaking about a temporary state of mind which will eventually fade.
      I am speaking about true happiness (which I broke down in this article).

    • Just to advise you , just take a leap and contact him first (through social media). Have a few chats. Act as if you don't have his number and ask for it.