Syrian Refugee Crisis

How Much Syrian Refugees Each EU Country Could Accept — Just an opinion.

So, I heard about the little siblings who were found dead today. In happened in our country, Turkey, which hosts more than 2 million Syrians right now, so pretty much everyone heard. And I thought I'd write this. I don't know much about politics, but I know what those people go through and that many lives are lost because European leaders are not admitting refugees, forcing them to risk their lives to get there. I know that there could be problems when they settle in those EU countries, but it's better for them to struggle and live in danger & poverty.

So, let's start. To not flood small countries with Syrians, I thought each country could take at least %1 of their total population, small countries a little less. Those are minus what they have right now. If they have so much already, it doesn't apply.

Austria: 84,740 refugees, %1 of total population.

Belgium: 112,000 refugees, %1 of total population.

Bulgaria: 72,650 refugees, %1 of total population. Bulgaria is small, but it's a neighbor to Turkey, easy to get to.

Croatia: 42,530 refugees, %1 of total population.

Cyprus: 11,410 refugees, %1 of total, Southern Cyprus only. It's right by the Arabian Peninsula, but it's small country with few people.

Czech Republic: 105,200 refugees, %1 of total.

Denmark: 28,070 refugees, %0.5 of total. The country is very small, but it should have space for this much.

Estonia: 13,250 refugees, %1 of total.

Finland: 54,390 refugees, %1 of total.

France: 660,300 refugees, %1 of total. France is a big country, as in population and land mass. It could take near a million refugees.

Germany: 806,200 refugees, %1 of total. Germany is the biggest country in Europe and has the best economy. It and France alone could be of great help alone even if other countries took no refugees.

When it comes to Greece and Italy, I think they should have special treatment, at least for a while. When others are ignoring it, they're the ones dealing with the refugees now.

Hungary: 98,970 refugees, %1 of total.

Ireland: 45,950 refugees, %1 of total.

Latvia: 20,130 refugees, %1 of total.

Lithuania: 29,560 refugees, %1 of total.

Luxembourg: 2,716 refugees, %0.5 of total.

Malta: 2,416 refugees, %0.5 of total.

Netherlands: 84,000 refugees, %0.5 of total.

Poland: 385,300 refugees, %1 of total.

Portugal: 104,600 refugees, %1 of total.

Romania: 199,600 refugees, %1 of total.

Slovakia: 54,140 refugees, %1 of total.

Slovenia: 20,600 refugees, %1 of total.

Spain: 467,700 refugees, %1 of total.

Sweden: 95,930 refugees, %1 of total.

If they all take %0.5–%1, it's more than needed. Large countries can even solve it by themselves—but they don't give a damn people are dying out there.

I used a lot of numbers on this take, but those people are not just numbers. This is what Syrian Refugee Crisis really looks like:

Syrian Refugee Crisis

A baby girl and her father on their trip between Serbia and Hungary.

A Turkish soldier and policeman giving a wounded boy some water.

Syrians who made it to Germany, waiting to register as refugees.

Words from a refugee.

Cutting through the border fences between Turkey and Syria.

And yet, people her keep hating on them. The world keeps ignoring them.

The city of Kobane. When the bombing stopped in this city, Kurds in my neighborhood were celebrating. They were crossing the street and a car drove into the crowd twice, on purpose. No one died, but I'll always remember it.


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  • What about the massive influx of rape at the hands of immigrants and refugees? Like we saw in germany, like all of Europe are reporting, like sweeden (one of the most immigrant friendly countries in europe) are admitting to have experienced since 2014...

    And where are russia? if they take in 1% that's 1,4 million people! And what about western asia? Or hell, even usa? If they take in 1% that's 3 millions.

    I'm sorry, but the limit of refugees are drawn where it becomes a dager for our own siticens. Demanding Europe to help refugees from a conflic that's not theirs, at the cost of the safety of their own siticens and the stability of their own wellfare systems... THAT is the absurdity in this all.

    let's do some crazy math.

    48.69191 billion U. S. dollars. It's a lot. That is what taking in 100.000 immigrants will cost norway over the next 80 years. AFTER taking into account what they contribute with to the economy. 100.00 immigrants... that's 2% of our total population, AND it is the estimated expected number of immigrants we will recieve in the next couple years.

    Do you REALLY think that is a sustainable expense for all of europe? Do you REALLY think it's a good move for Europe and the world to potentially destabilize the economy to help out refugees from a war that's not theirs?

    I'm sorry, but your little emotional take doesn't hold out against the cold truth of numbers. Because even 1% is quite frankly hillariously expensive. What, money trumphs human lives? Yes, they do. Because fucking over the norwegian economy will fuck up the lives for A LOT more people. In greece alone, their last financial destabilization led to 2,5 MILLION people standing without a job. That's 25% of their population. If a similar destabiliation happen all over Europe, you will have 175 MILLION people without a job and in varios degrees of powerty.

    Sorry girl, but Europe's ability to help is limited not by the size of their heart, but by their capability to help without destabilizing themselves. And to be frank; 1% immigration per country carries a significant risk of doing just that, at least with the current economy in the world.

    But ultimately the conclusion is that under no sane estimate will Europe alone be able to rescue your country. There is no way we can shelter 22 MILLION refugees!


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  • I think it was insensitive to share those photos on here. It was good to hear young person's view on Syria but your argument was overan by those photos. Globally in most countries and states were are opening up doors for refugees, this is a small starting point and it will take a long time for this war and their economy to recover.


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  • Fuck the refugees. It's the open door policy in the eu that's encouraging people traffickers to put people in the water in the first place. Most of them are scum I wouldn't wipe my feet on. If we were sterner about our borders and deportation then no-one would try crossing in the first place. Let them go to their brothers in the middle east. That can all waffle on to Allah together. The jews are pushing us all together to start a race war. Where's the un in all of this? Nowhere. It was the un that started agenda 21. There's a war being brewed in Europe and America. You'll see a lot of slaughtered muslims soon. It's coming. They want it to come

  • We Americans should take more.
    These people are fleeing the same terror we are fighting.

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    • i agree with you, but people are helping the refugees and ignoring our own homeless, and when this crisis is over and people have moved on, our own homeless will still be ignored.

    • Maybe start a campaign to draw attention to them?

  • You are right you don't know much about politic. "many lives are lost because European leaders are not admitting refugees" that is a political statement, based on you assumption that Europe owes all the world refugees parts of our tax-based welfare benefits, but we don't.

    The many refugees lives are lost not because of Europe, but because of internal problems and civil wars in other outside Europe. Don't blame us for others crimes, we are not the cause nor the guilty part in this, we need to save our own systems and that means NOT allowing every refugee into Europe - not to mention the many emigrants.

    However, if the more than 5 million Turkish emigrants in Europe left, we would be able to take another 5 million Syrian refuges, but the Turkish emigrants have taken their spots - so much for solidarity.

    • I'm not blaming you, but you're blaming my people who live in Europe. I'm blocking you, I have zero telorance for racism.

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